Welcome to Islesblogger.com

Welcome to Isles Blogger, my first attempt at blogging on a specific interest, as opposed to random thoughts on life and current events that you may find on my personal blog.

When the New York Islanders introduced the “Blog Box” back in June, I did not really give that much thought into doing something such as this myself. That was until I got tired of reading the same things repeated over and over again.

My idea is to provide you with my thoughts on the Islanders, presented in a position that is neutral – commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of certain player transactions, or simply the latest talk around the organization.

Now for a quick Bio (Full Bio to be added in the future):

I am not entirely new to the blog scene, I am a Photographer and Contributing Writer for two automotive websites, www.truckblog.com and www.musclecarblog.com, as well as having been published in several nationally distributed automotive magazines.

I am a current Isles Season ticket holder, and have been a fan of the Isles my entire life. I love to read about the latest Islanders news and rumors, part of the inspiration for creating this website.

In the next few days I will be making some final touches on the site layout, and I will be adding some header images that fit the theme of the site. If you are into Photoshop, and would like to contribute a banner for the site they can be no bigger than 750×100. You can email them to me at michaels@islesblogger.com.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Good luck with this site. I look forward to seeing it during the season. How many times are you gonna blog a week?

  2. Good luck with the blog Mike. The Islanders on the other hand I wish nothing but the worst. 35 wins TOPS for you guys this year, and no playoffs.

  3. Good luck with the blog Mike. the Rangers on the other hand I wish nothing but the worst. 35 wins TOPS for you guys this year, and no playoffs. Let's go ISLANDERS!!!

  4. Mike – you got a typo in one of your site links…

    NY Islanders Country

    should be
    NY Islanders Country

    you had a comma where a period should be

  5. To all NY Islanders fans, you need to go the the Town of Hempstead Website, click on the “Lighthouse Project” and sign a petition to get this started. If you haven’t heard, the Isles will playing a preseason game in Kansas City, and if this project is approved quickly we will lose our Islanders to poduck Kansas…… get everyone you know to write in..

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