Let the negativity begin!

As if the way the season played out last year wasn't enough for these lame duck predictions to stop, here is a new round of "Expert Predictions" (I use the term expert very loosely).

Take a gander at these:

Eastern Conference

McKeen's Hockey – The Hockey News
1 Pittsburgh* – Ottawa*
2 Ottawa* N.Y. – Rangers*
3 N.Y. Rangers – Pittsburgh
4 Buffalo – Buffalo
5 New Jersey – Carolina*
6 Toronto – Tampa Bay
7 Carolina* – New Jersey
8 Montreal – Atlanta
9 Tampa Bay – Philadelphia
10 Philadelphia (tie) Washington
11 Florida (tie) Toronto
12 Washington – Florida
13 Boston – Montreal
14 Atlanta – N.Y. Islanders
15 N.Y. Islanders – Boston

This is something you will NEVER see me do, make baseless predictions way before the season starts. It is virtually impossible to determine where anyone is going to end up finishing in the standings. I will remind the experts once again about LAST SEASON.

More here.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. As soon as I saw "Let the negativity begin" I knew I found a home to post NY Isles comments.

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