Pre-season Schedule Released

Today The Islanders officially announced their pre-season schedule. The biggest surprises – it features more than a handful of games against Division or Conference rivals and, some of which will be televised on Islanders TV through the Islanders Website!

Here is a breakdown of the games; per The Islanders website:

While I think that the team will certainly benefit from the game situations in these contests, I think that it is a shame that only 3 games will be in our area (1 at the Coliseum, 1 at MSG and the other at Harbor Yard).

As a season ticket holder, (not like it is a huge complaint mind you) we are only provided with one pre-season game at home. The more exposure the organization gets locally the better. It will help draw fans in if there are more games at the Coliseum.

I am curious to see what some of the other teams schedules are compared to the Islanders. If they are similar, then my only guess is this is standard pre-season practice.

More information can be found by heading on over to the Islanders website.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. For me – I'd give the pre-season tickets away and sell ticket packages at a discount for those games, get more people hooked and in seats for the regular season.

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