Site Changes

This won't be my post for the day – no worries.

Sorry I was unable to make an update yesterday, I had a family party, and I will make another post shortly.

Anyways, just some minor site updates.

Comments were broken on Saturday for maybe an hour – I fixed them as soon as I noticed.

Added a page with Links to sites I visit. Thanks to those who have linked back to me, if you don't see your link up there send me an email and I will gladly update it.

Added an About Us page, nothing too fancy – just a quick explanation of who I am and what the site is about. It is a work in progress and I will update it soon.

Changed a minor detail that some may not notice. It now posts me as the author on the Byline of the blog, instead of administrator.

In the next update, I hope to add some functionality with a navbar. I just need some free time to work on the code.

Michael Schuerlein

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