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I am about to jump head first into an area I never really paid very close attention to – Customer Relations, or PR – whatever you really want to call it.

Now that I am going into my second year as a season ticket holder, I guess I started to notice the things that the organization (and those around the league for that matter) do to keep the fans happy. The Islanders have really been buttering up the fans as of late, which should help to bring in old and new fans alike.

In the past few months alone, let’s look at some of the great things that have come out of the Isles organization.

First and foremost – the NYI Blog Box, A one of a kind opportunity for fans with blogs (much like this one) to be featured on the Islanders website, get a press pass and interview people in the organization.

Isles inspire and the other charities that have started up, whose goals are to help local children and even the youth hockey programs in our area.

Kids Opening Day, with prizes, free DP jerseys and an on ice shootout.

I think it is a great thing to get this involved in the community, because it can only increase awareness about the team.

Now, if only they can get on the Philly thing with those cards featuring free credits for food…….we'd be set.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Gotta admit, since starting my blogwork this spring, I've paid pretty close attention to the Isles PR dept.

    And although they're doing a lot to reach out to the fans (Blog Box, Inspire, Kids stuff)… I still feel very out in the cold when it comes to communication. Several attempts to contact someone in the department — the least of which my Blog Box application — have gone dry, with not even an acknowledgment.

    And of course, it's not the priority of the team and the PR dept to deal with me, but (as I'm sure you and everyone out there blogging knows well), keeping a blog and supporting the team like we do takes a lot of time and dedication, and that only builds with time. It's a frustrating feeling.

    But I keep doing it because I love the team. Make no mistake.

    Like I said, they're looking over in the right direction, but a little contact would be nice.
    Great blog.

    PS if you'd like me to take a crack at your header, email me at any time!

  2. Mike: That IS Public Relations. And yes, the Isles organization is trying to make themselves more visible than in the past. Don't forget Bruno's appearance for the Red Cross and the Ice Girls appearing at just about any gathering of Long Islanders they can find. Customer Service is what Kerry and crew work so hard at, toiling away in Plainview right now on the phones for hours on end.

  3. I knew I would forget some of the recent stuff – I was completely fried last night, but I wanted to get a post out there.

    Andy, first and foremost – don't give up. I am sure that Corey gets inundated with emails and requests from us out here in the blog world.

    You are right, keeping and updating a blog can be time consuming – but in the end it is completely worth it when you get fans such as you commenting almost daily. It's a great reminder as to why we do it.


    Thanks for stopping by – if there was anyone out there who can comment on the PR – it is you. The Ice Girls have become something I don't think anyone ever anticipated them to be. I think it's great that they are out there representing the team off the ice. It shows that they are not just a gimmick used to appease fans on the ice.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. They gotta bring back Nyles, The fishermen jersey and fifty dollar gift certificates to Ben's Kosher Deli.

  5. Mike,

    The Bens stuff was back when we were in HS and we overused those 19 dollar seats!

    Those were the days, even though you have always been a Rangers fan. 🙂

  6. I loved those 19 dollar seats. They used to have the 12 dollar seats too I believe if you showed a school ID. I think i've still gone to more Islander games than Ranger games and I've split season tickets for the Rangers the past two seasons.

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