Christie Brinkley – New Isles Commercial

Fresh on the heels of my PR post from last night – we can build upon what I had spoken about with this latest news. Long Island’s own Christie Brinkley, a regular at Isles games throughout last season – is featured in a brand new Islanders television commercial.

The commercial will begin to air locally Friday morning and will be on an array of different channels. If you watch Extra on NBC regularly, you can catch a sneak peak at 7pm Eastern or head to the Islanders website – you can view it on iTV on Friday morning as well.

Christie Brinkley has had a very good relationship with the Islanders organization as of late, she has blogged for the Isles website, made in-game appearances and now commercials. You know the old saying – Sex Sells? I am pretty sure that’s the idea here, and as a guy – well I don’t really have a problem with that. I love seeing people who I don’t associate with hockey doing things for the sport – because once again, this increases awareness of the sport and the Islanders.

One extra little tidbit, Brinkley is set to drop the ceremonial first puck the first home game of the season. That should add to an already exciting night in which we are all anticipating. Should you want to read a bit more about Christie Brinkley, check the entry on Wikipedia.

Michael Schuerlein

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  1. She resembles the Islanders in two ways. They both peaked in the early 80's and both haven't looked good since! I'm kidding, she's still mad sexy but her glory days paralleled the Islanders.

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