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Isles Top Boston 4-2

Posted by on 30 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: News

The Islanders did a little bit of everything tonight, a little rough stuff, good penalty kill, some powerplay chances and a come from behind victory. Not bad for their final preseason game.

Here is a breakdown of tonight’s scoring:

David Krejci (5:09 1st) 1-0
Miroslav Satan (17:53 1st) 1-1
Glen Murray (1:14 2nd) 2-1
Mike Comrie (6:51 2nd) 2-2
Miroslav Satan (14:49 3rd) 3-2
Jon Sim (18:38 3rd) 4-2

Game Breakdown:

Not having seen Guerin play much since his time with New Jersey, I really like what I see from him. One of the biggest things tonight was the fact that he dropped the gloves – I don't remember the last time the Isles had a captain who wasn't afraid to get his nose dirty. I also like how Guerin dumps the puck in when they gain the zone. He shoots it into the corner nice and soft, instead of slapping into the zone – which enables the forechecker a better chance at getting possession. It seems that this is a set play and something completely different then what we saw last year. The Isles also cycle the puck 100% better – which enables them to maintain possession in the zone longer.

I also noticed that our first pass out of our zone was crisp and on target. We had forwards moving through the neutral zone – which gives the defenseman numerous targets – again completely different than last year. I though our break out was absolutely horrible last season, and caused them to ice the puck a handful of times every game. The number of odd man rushes we had tonight was impressive; they generated some great scoring chances.

A few negatives, penalties continue to set us back – even though it did not show on the scoreboard tonight. I would also like to see the instances of odd man rushes against us be addressed. Our defense tonight was 99% of what we are going to see during the season, so this is a bit of a concern.

Overall, I am impressed with the effort tonight, and because we played almost the entire lineup – I feel we will be able to compete on a nightly basis. This is one of the things Snow and Nolan have said from the beginning.

Devils Over Isles 2-1

Posted by on 29 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: News

Just wanted to give an update for anyone who missed tonight’s game live on Isles TV the Islanders lost to the Devils 2-1 tonight.

For those of you who did watch, hopefully you did not experience the same delays getting the game as I did. Much like the first game covered by Isles TV, it took me several attempts to get logged in and 3 or 4 times dealing with page time outs once I was logged in. Once I was watching, the feed was very smooth streaming video.

Goal scorers are listed below:

-Kip Brennan just scored (10:42 1st)
-Dainius Zubrus ties it on a PP (18:26 1st)
-Zach Parise PP Goal (16:16 2nd)

Game Overview:

I thought we played the Devils fairly well, considering each team did not have their full rosters dressed. We took a few too many penalties, and would've faired better without the two power play goals scored by the Devils. Even without a full lineup, the Devils were able to control the flow of the game with their neutral zone trap type defense. It was hard for the Isles to generate anything – which was evident in the shot differential.

Like I say after all preseason games, take the loss lightly – it is nothing more then practice. Hopefully we build on it, learn from some of the mistakes and if anything our younger AHL players gained some valuable experience.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the post I promised I would post tonight, and for updates on the Boston game!

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No Simon and DiPietro Tonight

Posted by on 28 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: General

Good afternoon everyone, I got home from work a little early today, so I wanted to update you on the latest for the rematch against the Rangers tonight. I tried to update from my new phone today (PDA died, replaced with iPhone) but for whatever reason it would not work – I tried but will figure out why soon.

For those hoping that goaltender Rick DiPietro and grinder/enforcer Chris Simon would not be included in the lineup for tonight’s game, you may just get your wish. In today's edition of Newsday, Greg Logan states that Ted Nolan is planning on resting both players. Here is the quote:

As much as Simon and goaltender Rick DiPietro might wish to play, indications yesterday were that the Islanders at the center of a brawl that ended with six ejections Monday night at the Coliseum likely will be rested.

I think this is a smart play by Nolan, get the focus off those on the Rangers squad looking to exact revenge for all the fighting thattook place on Monday.

Another interesting piece of reporting, Greg Logan also interviewed Islanders defenseman Andy Sutton on his fisticuffs Monday night, the never shy Sean Avery and Sutton's "elbow" on Rangers rookie Ryan Callahan. Here are several quotes that I consider a must read:

Rangers pest Sean Avery, who sat out the game at the Coliseum, recently suggested he wants a piece of the Islanders, saying he would be ready "for obvious reasons, as obvious as reasons can get."

And Sutton's response:

Sutton just shook his head when Avery's veiled threat was relayed. "You guys should stop interviewing Sean Avery," Sutton said. "It's like easy journalism. Find somebody else with something actually interesting to say who isn't always saying the same stuff over and over again. Sean Avery is a good player. He should just play.

I posted about Avery's comments on NYIslandercountry the other day – and to be completely honest, I hate his attitude. Don't get me wrong, I love when a player can antagonize and be a pest, but he is really starting to act like a little kid. Should Avery actually follow through at some point, and "for obvious reasons" do something – I hope the league holds him responsible for those actions. I think Sutton's response to Logan is absolutely perfect, because he feels the same way most of us do about Avery – play the game and stop mouthing off. Sutton is really starting to show why Snow sought after him during free agency. I definitely like his game and hope he can stay healthy.

Sutton also explains what happened when he accidentally clipped Callahan with an elbow:

"I'm not a dirty player," Sutton said. "My timing was still a little bit off. I never mean to elbow anybody in the head intentionally.

I really hate when a fan of a team "drinks the proverbial Kool-Aid" but I feel this is a plausible explanation. Callahan is no giant, and looks even less of one next to the monster named Andy Sutton. That is why I do not feel it is that much of a stretch to say the combination of rust and the size difference made the hit look worse than it was.

I have another post that I may save for tomorrow, it is a bit off-topic as far as the Islanders are concerned – but I think it will clear up a lot about the match penalty Simon received on Monday. It ties into the hit Downie put on McCammond the other night.

Check back often tonight for game time updates, and don't forget you can sign up daily email updates by entering your email into the box on the right side of your screen, or by clicking HERE.

Devils Down Isles 6-1

Posted by on 26 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: News

If you have been reading the blog all night, you may have read my comment on it looking to be a long night – well, it was. Our boys were downed by the New Jersey Devils 6-1 tonight, which featured a Hat Trick by Gionta. Here is the skinny per the Islanders site:

"Brian Gionta scored three goals, including two on the power play to lead the New Jersey Devils past the Islanders, Wednesday night at Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA.

The Devils got off to a quick start, scoring three goals in the game's first four minutes. Gionta, John Madden and Travis Zajac gave the Devils a 3-0 lead and Martin Brodeur did the rest, stopping 14 of 15 shots he faced through two periods. Madden finished the game with two goals and New Jersey scored three power play goals.

The Islanders' lone goal came from Gordie Dwyer early in the second period off a feed from Richard Park. Dwyer also participated in one of the game's four fights. Tim Jackman dropped the gloves twice, while Darryl Bootland was involved with the game's other scrap.

Wade Dubielewicz gave up four goals on 20 shots, playing in 31:21, while Joey MacDonald surrendered two goals on eight shots in 28:39 of playing time. The Devils out shot the Islanders 28-26.

The Islanders drop to 2-2-2 in preseason and next play against the Rangers on Friday evening at Madison Square Garden."

Like I said at the start of these preseason matches, win or lose there is no need to get all concerned just yet. Teams rarely go to battle with their full season roster, so there will be improvement. Having not seen the game first hand, this is a tough one to breakdown frame by frame – but I expect Nolan and Co. to come out with a game plan for Friday.

Have a good night!

Isles Down 3-0 in First Period

Posted by on 26 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: News

Well, I had another long day at work today – so I decided to pass on the Mets game so I could relax and watch the Isles. Unfortunately, the game is not being covered live because the arena does not have the bandwidth required to stream the video. I figured I would give you guys the next best thing, game updates.

Currently, the Isles are losing to the Devils 3-0. No news on who scored – but they are halfway through the first period – which can't be good.

I will continue to update the score as the night goes on.

DiPietro Fight Video

Posted by on 25 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: News

I had every intention of posting the picture I took of DiPietro fighting Montoya from last night, until I found the video on YouTube.

So without further interruption, DiPietro vs. Montoya

For the first time in I don't know how long, we have a team that is willing to stand up for each other and get a little banged up to do it. DiPietro is already a crowd favorite, and for him to do the “Cairns #1 Salute” going off the ice makes him even more of a folk hero. For Rick's first fight, I think he did pretty good, and you could tell Montoya had no idea Ricky is a southpaw, because he caught one right on the chin.

What a Second period yesterday, I think there was only around 3 minutes of even strength play.

The Isles had 4 power play goals tonight, including Comrie's 2nd and game winning goal in overtime. The most exciting part was when Comrie and then Guerin scored within 24 seconds to bring the game within 1.

In all, the new boys were all over the score sheet:

Fedotenko: 1 goal 1 assist
Vasicek: 1 goal
Berard: 3 assists (Power play QB anyone?)
Guerin: 1 goal 2 assists
Comrie: 2 goals 1 assist

In all, I liked the effort out there, as the Isles never gave up even after being down 4-1 going into the 3rd. The game was very scrappy, as there was obviously some bad blood out there from last season's incident. Hopefully, we are able to get past that and both coaches calm things down in the next one. If this were a regular season game, I would have been a little disappointed – but it turned out ok in the end. Friday is definitely going to be a game to watch closely.

Knotted Up

Posted by on 24 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Live Blog

Vasicek ties the game 4 all on a gritty PP goal. We are really bringing it as we should 5 on 3.

5 for Fighting!

Posted by on 24 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Live Blog

DiPietro just fought Montoya, because he had a Ranger in a headlock – for not dropping his stick during a brawl. It is something special tonight!

Scoreless After One

Posted by on 24 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: Live Blog

Posting via Mobile

Scoreless after one period….VERY physical game featuring 3 bouts. Most notable is Simon v Orr

Kids look sharp tonight, although Bergy looks slow….he needs to wake up.

More as it happens!

Back to the Barn!

Posted by on 24 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: General

It's good to have hockey back in town – I can't tell you how excited I am to get back to the old barn tonight. As a season ticket holder, it is hard not to get excited when hockey is back. For one, it is a chance to get caught up with the frienda you have made in your section. Another great reason – we are nuts about HOCKEY!

Pretty much all day at work today my mind was on the game, I think I was thinking about it more then half the team to be honest. I do have to remind myself that it is only preseason……

What to expect tonight

I expect the team to come out with a bit more jump then they have had the past few games. It is the teams one and only preseason performance in front of their home crowd and they want to show they are ready to return. It also helps we are playing the cross town rival New York Rangers, so you may see some physical play from the big boys (*Note that Simon is dressing and playing as his suspension does not count for the preseason).

As posted on the Islanders Website, we will get to see several players attempt to earn spots, in Johnson, Tambellini, Colliton and Comeau. It's going to be interesting watching these players battle it out and attempt to earn those hard to come by forward and defense positions.

I will try to update the blog from the game, no promises! I was also going to bring my camera, but I am walking from my uncle's house so if they deny me entrance with it (it's a DSLR Canon) I would hate to have to walk back across Hempstead Turnpike just to bring the camera back.

Hockey is back in Uniondale, and I love it!

Isles Schedule for Mobile Devices

Posted by on 22 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: General, Mobile

You may have noticed that I mentioned the lack of an Islanders Schedule for Outlook and Mobile devices last night. For whatever reason, the Islanders did not create one this year as they have in years past. I went above and beyond, and spent the better part of the morning/afternoon coding an Excel file. Anyone who has ever made a spreadsheet with multiple rows and columns knows it is a harrowing experience. Hopefully it comes in handy for someone other than myself!

It comes in two flavors:
XLS Document
CSV Document

The CSV document is UNTESTED, and the XLS I used personally to import into my Outlook calendar. Mind you, it crashed outlook (figures) but it imported anyway. You need to check all the boxes and make sure the custom fields are matched up to their respective default fields.

But WHY do I need this?

The Outlook schedule is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and intended for fans who want to include Islanders games in Microsoft Outlook and/or handheld devices running Pocket PC, Windows CE or Windows Mobile. All entries feature a reminder four hours before game time. Once imported into Outlook, the schedule can be synchronized with handheld devices running Pocket PC, Windows CE or Windows Mobile.


NOTE: You will need to have the Excel or .csv translators installed in Microsoft Outlook to import the schedule. The Import Wizard should tell you whether or not you do. Most default installations of Outlook DO NOT have the translator(s) installed. If your installation does not, you will need to have your Microsoft Office CD handy.

1. Click the link below to download the schedule. If the file opens in your browser, save it to your hard drive from your browser menu and close your browser.
2. Open Outlook and Select File > Import to begin the Import Wizard.
3. During the Import Wizard make sure to:
* Choose “Import from another program or file”
* Choose “Microsoft Excel” as the file type to import from (if you choose to download the Comma Separated Values file below make sure to choose “Comma Separated Values” as the file type).
* Choose “Calendar” as your destination folder (“Calendar” within your “Personal Folders” list or your “Mailbox Name” if you are using Outlook on a network).
* Click the “Map Custom Fields” button. Depending on your version of Outlook, you may have to drag the “Reminderonoff” value on the left to the “Reminder on/off” field on the right (perform this step if you want Outlook to remind you about each game)

NOTE: All times are Eastern. Once you import this file, you cannot delete or uninstall it. The only way to remove the calendar entries is to delete each entry individually. You may consider making a backup of your Personal Folder File (.pst file), should you want to restore your Outlook calendar. See Outlook Help for more information about making backups.


Operating System
Handheld Device – Pocket PC, Windows CE or Windows Mobile
Desktop/Laptop Computer – Any OS compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later


Desktop/Laptop Computer – Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later (recommended)*
Handheld Device – Pocket Outlook or equivalent

*The schedule is also compatible with any calendar program that can import XLS for CSV files formatted for Outlook Calendar.

6 On Waivers – TV Schedule Released

Posted by on 21 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: News

I want to first start off by saying thank you to everyone who came to Islesblogger by way of the Islanders site yesterday. It seemed for a while there every time I checked; there were several hundred more page views. It was a very warm feeling.

Onto some news; According to Hockeybuzz the New York Islanders placed 6 players on waivers today:

Steve Regier
Tim Jackman
Kip Brennan
Matthew Spiller
Drew Fata
Joey MacDonald

If there are any teams interested in these players, they have until Noon ET tomorrow to claim them.

With no official cuts announced by the Isles, I think that this news is a safe bet that these players are viewed as extra pieces that could fit, but may not have enough room for. It's a shame too because I really liked what I saw from Spiller. It's a good thing I don't have to make any of these decisions, because I wouldn't know what to do. You cannot keep everyone obviously.

In other news, the Islanders posted the entire season's TV schedule. It's good to keep this handy, as there are always several times during the season when I cannot seem to locate a game.

Check out the schedule for yourself: Islanders TV Schedule

One thing that I noticed, last year the Isles converted the season schedule so you can import it into Outlook. I loved this feature because I have a PDA. They need to bring that back, otherwise I am going to have to make it myself.

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