Goal Judge Update

Just last week, I posted about the NHL's decision of allowing the different teams to do away with the goal judge boxes if they wish. At the time, I did not know for certain if the Islanders had chosen to do away with the boxes.

In a post in the Help section over at NYIslanderscoutnry the question on this subject was answered by Islanders PR representative Kerry Cornils. In this post she says: Judges will be moved upstairs. The booth is to be removed to allow easier passage, but the goal light will remain.

So there you have it folks, it is now official – there will no longer be goal judge boxes at the Coliseum. However, there will not be any of the premier seating options that many clubs have introduced – due to the fact the Coliseum has a walkway around the ends of the ice. Like I stated earlier – I honestly don't mind not having the goal judges sit elsewhere, as long as they improve the camera angles looking at the goal mouths. An aside: I really wish they would enforce the water bottle rule – it does block the view of the puck while looking down at the net.

Michael Schuerlein

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