The PR Push

As the clock is ticking down to the start of training camp and the 07/08 season, the Islanders have begun one of the most aggressive advertising and PR campaigns I have seen yet.

Go to Newsday's website and you see giant banner ads. Listen to ESPN 1050 and you will hear an Isles commercial during every break. Don't listen to AM stations? Well, there are about a half dozen Long Island FM stations – including WBAB that have ticket contests and also air Isles radio spots. Baseball fan? Well, the new Christie Brinkley commercial has been spotted during the recent Mets and Yankees games. I have not even mentioned the newspaper ads that are in circulation. It seems that someone in marketing finally woke up and put a great advertising plan in place. All I can say is about time, as there are so many Rangers commercials this fan can listen to.

How about a chance to meet some players and get free tickets? Single tickets go on sale today at 11am. Head to the coliseum box office for your chance to meet one of several players and surprise guests!

Can't make it down to the coliseum today? Check out the new contest that is going on over on the Islanders site. It's called "Make it a habit" and they are giving away a pair of tickets everyday for the next 28 days. Check it out: Make it a habit.

Going back to my post about Islanders PR, this is great for casual fans who may only come out to support the team with increased awareness. It takes good advertising to get people in the seats sometimes, which is something this team has needed for a long time.

Michael Schuerlein

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