It Begins

Well the moment every Isles fan has been waiting for is here – the official “start” of hockey – Training Camp. So our boys left for camp in Moncton, B.C. today, this afternoon they took their physicals and headshots featuring the new uniforms and will begin to practice tomorrow – exciting.

When browsing through the headshot pictures, there are a couple that stand out – and wouldn't you know it, some of funniest ones feature Witt. Last year he was “eating” a puck, this year….much different. It is the little things like that which really get me to watch a player more closely – to see a player off the rink when they are acting themselves is refreshing. It shows that they are real, have their own personalities and are not all about hockey. See for yourself:

Check out some more over at NY Islanders Country.

How about something different? Today the Islanders announced that Hockeybuzz.com became a sponsor for the NYI Blog Box project. In what could be a perfect venue for the Isles Bloggers, Eklund's site brings a very large audience and has the potential to reach fans from all over the league. It should prove to be an interesting relationship, that's for sure. Read more on the Islanders Site.

A little bit of a rant, the cross town rival – the New York Rangers had a full page in today’s Newsday. Now that our camp has started will Greg Logan put together something for us in tomorrow’s paper? Or will he still be shuffling around on commercial flights because he refuses to fly on the charter. I have never really had a gripe about Logan's work – but this made me insanely jealous – for obvious reasons.

Hockey is back, and once it starts going – you cannot stop it.

I have a habit of checking out the server logs every night – to my surprise guess what I saw today? I had a little visitor from a very specific area of British Columbia, Canada.

Kinda made my day, could be nothing – could be something. The thing that I do know – there should be plenty of hockey news this weekend, and I love it.

Michael Schuerlein

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