Logan on Berard – Cairns Retires

It's so nice to wake up to hockey news in the paper, or all over the web. I like baseball, but there is only so much you can read about that sometimes.

Logan has started his daily articles, and today we have an article about Isles camp invitee – Bryan Berard. Logan says that Berard and Columbus coach didn't see eye to eye when Berard tried to return from injury – maybe because of the intensity that was not there from Berard. We all know how Hitchcock can be hard on his players, but is he right in his assessment of Berard?

Berard is attempting to come back from two ruptured disks in his spine, they have been surgically repaired but is he back to full playing shape? Obviously this is why Columbus decided not to resign him, and why the Isles offered him a tryout at camp. Hopefully Berard is completely healed – and we get our surprise of the year out of him.

I guess time will tell. For more, check out Greg's Article.

Over at Botta's Blog, there is a great post about Eric Cairns retiring. It was a bit of a shock to me, but knowing Cairns' style, not to hard to understand. What's surprising is that Cairns are back in the orange and blue. Snow extended an invitation to Cairns to join the organization, and Cairns couldn't be happier. Here is what Cairns said to Botta:

“I’m here to do whatever the team needs,” Eric said today during the first scrimmage of camp. “I’ll do the alumni events, talk to the young players, hang with the scouts, whatever I can do. I appreciate what Garth and the Islanders did. I loved it on Long Island and it’s so nice to be back.”

Welcome back Eric, you will always have a place with our Islanders! It won’t be the same without seeing you serve up some knuckle sandwiches though! You can’t ever have enough good people around the organization, I love what Garth and Ted are doing.

Check out more over at Botta's blog NYI Point Blank.

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