NYI Blog Box Goes Live

It never fails, it seems whenever I am extremely busy at work, there is a major announcement made and I can't cover it as it happens. The big news of today – the NYI Blog Box has officially gone LIVE on the Islanders website. Announced are the names of 12 charter bloggers for the project and a brief bio of each.

Here is the list of the selected blogs (all linked):

The Long Distance Islander
The Fantasy Fancy
The Isles Files
Islanders 360
Islanders Outsider
Greetings from Islanders Country
Unique Perspectives from 7th Woman
The Bouncing Puck: Ravings of an Islander's Blogger
The Tiger Track
Voice of the Islander Fans
Okposo Net

You can read more about each individual by heading over to the Islanders Website.

Congratulations to all of the bloggers that have been chosen for this project. I frequent many of your sites and I must say, there are some great blogs in that bunch. This is going to be an interesting season, and I look forward to seeing many great things from you guys in the future!

Michael Schuerlein

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