6 On Waivers – TV Schedule Released

I want to first start off by saying thank you to everyone who came to Islesblogger by way of the Islanders site yesterday. It seemed for a while there every time I checked; there were several hundred more page views. It was a very warm feeling.

Onto some news; According to Hockeybuzz the New York Islanders placed 6 players on waivers today:

Steve Regier
Tim Jackman
Kip Brennan
Matthew Spiller
Drew Fata
Joey MacDonald

If there are any teams interested in these players, they have until Noon ET tomorrow to claim them.

With no official cuts announced by the Isles, I think that this news is a safe bet that these players are viewed as extra pieces that could fit, but may not have enough room for. It's a shame too because I really liked what I saw from Spiller. It's a good thing I don't have to make any of these decisions, because I wouldn't know what to do. You cannot keep everyone obviously.

In other news, the Islanders posted the entire season's TV schedule. It's good to keep this handy, as there are always several times during the season when I cannot seem to locate a game.

Check out the schedule for yourself: Islanders TV Schedule

One thing that I noticed, last year the Isles converted the season schedule so you can import it into Outlook. I loved this feature because I have a PDA. They need to bring that back, otherwise I am going to have to make it myself.

Michael Schuerlein

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