DiPietro Fight Video

I had every intention of posting the picture I took of DiPietro fighting Montoya from last night, until I found the video on YouTube.

So without further interruption, DiPietro vs. Montoya

For the first time in I don't know how long, we have a team that is willing to stand up for each other and get a little banged up to do it. DiPietro is already a crowd favorite, and for him to do the “Cairns #1 Salute” going off the ice makes him even more of a folk hero. For Rick's first fight, I think he did pretty good, and you could tell Montoya had no idea Ricky is a southpaw, because he caught one right on the chin.

What a Second period yesterday, I think there was only around 3 minutes of even strength play.

The Isles had 4 power play goals tonight, including Comrie's 2nd and game winning goal in overtime. The most exciting part was when Comrie and then Guerin scored within 24 seconds to bring the game within 1.

In all, the new boys were all over the score sheet:

Fedotenko: 1 goal 1 assist
Vasicek: 1 goal
Berard: 3 assists (Power play QB anyone?)
Guerin: 1 goal 2 assists
Comrie: 2 goals 1 assist

In all, I liked the effort out there, as the Isles never gave up even after being down 4-1 going into the 3rd. The game was very scrappy, as there was obviously some bad blood out there from last season's incident. Hopefully, we are able to get past that and both coaches calm things down in the next one. If this were a regular season game, I would have been a little disappointed – but it turned out ok in the end. Friday is definitely going to be a game to watch closely.

Michael Schuerlein

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