No Simon and DiPietro Tonight

Good afternoon everyone, I got home from work a little early today, so I wanted to update you on the latest for the rematch against the Rangers tonight. I tried to update from my new phone today (PDA died, replaced with iPhone) but for whatever reason it would not work – I tried but will figure out why soon.

For those hoping that goaltender Rick DiPietro and grinder/enforcer Chris Simon would not be included in the lineup for tonight’s game, you may just get your wish. In today's edition of Newsday, Greg Logan states that Ted Nolan is planning on resting both players. Here is the quote:

As much as Simon and goaltender Rick DiPietro might wish to play, indications yesterday were that the Islanders at the center of a brawl that ended with six ejections Monday night at the Coliseum likely will be rested.

I think this is a smart play by Nolan, get the focus off those on the Rangers squad looking to exact revenge for all the fighting thattook place on Monday.

Another interesting piece of reporting, Greg Logan also interviewed Islanders defenseman Andy Sutton on his fisticuffs Monday night, the never shy Sean Avery and Sutton's "elbow" on Rangers rookie Ryan Callahan. Here are several quotes that I consider a must read:

Rangers pest Sean Avery, who sat out the game at the Coliseum, recently suggested he wants a piece of the Islanders, saying he would be ready "for obvious reasons, as obvious as reasons can get."

And Sutton's response:

Sutton just shook his head when Avery's veiled threat was relayed. "You guys should stop interviewing Sean Avery," Sutton said. "It's like easy journalism. Find somebody else with something actually interesting to say who isn't always saying the same stuff over and over again. Sean Avery is a good player. He should just play.

I posted about Avery's comments on NYIslandercountry the other day – and to be completely honest, I hate his attitude. Don't get me wrong, I love when a player can antagonize and be a pest, but he is really starting to act like a little kid. Should Avery actually follow through at some point, and "for obvious reasons" do something – I hope the league holds him responsible for those actions. I think Sutton's response to Logan is absolutely perfect, because he feels the same way most of us do about Avery – play the game and stop mouthing off. Sutton is really starting to show why Snow sought after him during free agency. I definitely like his game and hope he can stay healthy.

Sutton also explains what happened when he accidentally clipped Callahan with an elbow:

"I'm not a dirty player," Sutton said. "My timing was still a little bit off. I never mean to elbow anybody in the head intentionally.

I really hate when a fan of a team "drinks the proverbial Kool-Aid" but I feel this is a plausible explanation. Callahan is no giant, and looks even less of one next to the monster named Andy Sutton. That is why I do not feel it is that much of a stretch to say the combination of rust and the size difference made the hit look worse than it was.

I have another post that I may save for tomorrow, it is a bit off-topic as far as the Islanders are concerned – but I think it will clear up a lot about the match penalty Simon received on Monday. It ties into the hit Downie put on McCammond the other night.

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