Devils Over Isles 2-1

Just wanted to give an update for anyone who missed tonight’s game live on Isles TV the Islanders lost to the Devils 2-1 tonight.

For those of you who did watch, hopefully you did not experience the same delays getting the game as I did. Much like the first game covered by Isles TV, it took me several attempts to get logged in and 3 or 4 times dealing with page time outs once I was logged in. Once I was watching, the feed was very smooth streaming video.

Goal scorers are listed below:

-Kip Brennan just scored (10:42 1st)
-Dainius Zubrus ties it on a PP (18:26 1st)
-Zach Parise PP Goal (16:16 2nd)

Game Overview:

I thought we played the Devils fairly well, considering each team did not have their full rosters dressed. We took a few too many penalties, and would've faired better without the two power play goals scored by the Devils. Even without a full lineup, the Devils were able to control the flow of the game with their neutral zone trap type defense. It was hard for the Isles to generate anything – which was evident in the shot differential.

Like I say after all preseason games, take the loss lightly – it is nothing more then practice. Hopefully we build on it, learn from some of the mistakes and if anything our younger AHL players gained some valuable experience.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the post I promised I would post tonight, and for updates on the Boston game!

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Michael Schuerlein


  1. OF COURSE I HAD A PROBLEM GETTING ON TO CENTER ICE TONIGHT!!! Why wouldn't I? I logged on at 8 pm, but couldn't get it up and running till 8:30. Grrrrr…
    Odddly… Hmmm. The leafs game… No problems. Maybe there really ARE hockey fans out there! Maybe that's why they're experiencing overload for the service. Maybe….

    Oh well… Onto tomorrow!!!

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