They Say a Picture

My entire life, I have always been told that a picture is worth a thousand words – but nobody has ever told me what THREE pictures would be worth.

Case in point, I mentioned after the game against Boston last night that I couldn't remember when the Islanders last had a captain like Guerin. I mean – I “can” remember, but let's face facts, it sure does FEEL like forever!

Let's call this first picture “Exhibit A”, because it is clear cut evidence that we have a bonafied leader on our hands.

From the role of Captain, down to Assistant Captain, the Islanders now have 3 individuals who are gritty, hardworking players. It is really refreshing to see Guerin step in and fill the role of captain so well. I love when a captain is willing to drop the gloves to support or backup a teammate. There aren't many actions that show you how a group has come together; dropping the gloves is the biggest.

I now present to Isles Court, “Exhibit B”:

What does this picture show? It shows Captain Bill hard at work hashing it out with the linesman. The significance? Leaders are respected, their views are often respected and the officials will give them the chance to be heard. For anyone who is an Islanders fan, how many times could you HONESTLY say you have seen a picture or game situation like this recently? I will stop right there.

I now present “Exhibit C”:

Just to reaffirm, Guerin is NOT afraid to crash the net, get his nose dirty, drop the gloves in support of a teammate and lastly……get cracked in the nose with a goalie stick.

I say the last part in jest, but Guerin is quickly becoming my favorite – and I would put money on the fact he will best his output from last year. Welcome to Long Island Bill!

Oh yea, the Defense rests.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Great points. The more and more I hear and see Guerin, the more and more – that this move could be the steal of the year.

    The intensity level is great. This is what a CAPTAIN – not KAPTAYN should be!

    Keep up the great work – great job on the blog!


  2. Sweet post. Great pics. Really enjoy your blog.

    I've been thinking about the new captain, too: So I linked to this from the Isles page on MVN (where I'm making sure the Isles have a presence). I'm based in St. Louis, so I got to see what Guerin brings to the table last season. Before the coaching change, he was one of few Blues who had fire every night.

    Needless to say, I think Isles fans are really going to enjoy watching him lead the charge this year…

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