Bryan Berard Almost Signed?

You ever notice that the effort that goes into signing a player – almost mirrors what it takes to make a relationship work? For the past several days, there has been speculation all over just about every time of media regarding Berard. It almost reminds me of a relationship I had back in High School with the on again, off again reports out there.

When the Islanders roster was set yesterday, almost straight away everyone noticed the lack of Berard's name. Speculation instantly began to fly that the coaching staff was not impressed with his play during the preseason. Greg Logan posted a small update in his Newsday Greg reiterated the point he made in his blog, that a Berard signing could be imminent.

Earlier today, a poster over on the Newsday Article. For those who insist on instant gratification, here is the most interesting quote:

“It's possible a move will be made before the Islanders board the team plane this afternoon and head to Buffalo for Friday night's opener. Berard is paying his own expenses, which allows him to practice with the Islanders as Tommy Albelin did with the Devils last season. But judging by the fact he was running the top power play Wednesday, it's likely Berard will be signed sooner rather than later.”

For one, this flat out confirms what was posted on Islander Mania – Berard did indeed practice with the team, and an explanation as to how this was able to occur for a non-roster player is provided. As to not take away from Greg's article – check out the rest, as Greg speaks at length with Brendan Witt on the state of the Islanders Defense.

So who is on the trading block? This is a tough one to figure out, as there could be several players being shopped. I don't really like to make blind guesses, but I would certainly think it is someone on defense.

Personally, I strongly believe that Berard should be signed. He proved in numerous occasions that he belongs on the Islanders, with his strong play on the powerplay and overall solid defensive play. I just hope that we don't trade away someone that we will regret losing in the long run.

I guess we will find out shortly, stay tuned for updates.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. They should sign him. If they throw Berard and Bergeron on the PP they'll lead the NHL in short handed goals.

  2. Spoken like a true Rangers fan Mike! 🙂

    Neither player is as irresponsible defensively as everyone makes them out to be.

  3. I guess it's a good thing that the NHL actually pays for the players jerseys…. 'cause no one knows what names to put on the damn things…. :o)

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