Freddy Meyer on Waivers – Confirmed

At just around noon today, Hockeybuzz reported that the Islanders placed defenseman Freddy Meyer on waivers. Yesterday afternoon, I posted that we should be expecting a move to free up a roster spot for Bryan Berard – now that Martinek signed an extension. If this report from Eklund is true – there is your roster spot. Unfortunately, Meyer is a victim of circumstance right now, he’s a great young defenseman – who would be a great depth guy in any organization with one or two less defenseman than the Isles.

How long until Berard is signed now?

Updated: 4:30pm –

Greg Logan posted over in his blog, that Meyer was indeed placed on waivers today. He says that Berard may or may not be signed after Meyer either passes through waivers or gets claimed – and that the team could even try Johnson out instead.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. I think the Islanders made a big mistake in putting Freddy Meyer on waivers. He is a young defensive talent who will be missed. Now if the Boston Bruins management reads this then you should look into signing Freddy.
    Some team is going to be lucky to get this hard working team player. the Islanders should have given him more time but it is their loss now.

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