Home Opener and The Blog Box

Just wanted to post up before I head out for the game, so here’s a quick starter!

Moving into tonight's game, the Islanders are looking to continue their forward momentum and really bring it to the Sabres here on Long Island. There were times last night where sloppy defensive play cost the Isles a few goals, so hopefully the first game jitters have since dissipated.

Speaking of first game jitters; I am completely nervous about the start of the Blog Box tonight. While details have been given out to the lot of us, I still have no idea what to expect. I know where the box is (Section 201) and I know who else will be around, but what exactly will we experience?

I am told that Richard Deitch of Sports Illustrated is writing a story on us, and may even interview us for the story. Go figure, the bloggers (press-lite) are getting interviewed by a main-stream sports magazine!

I had debated back and forth about bringing my camera in, and I know I will regret not doing so – so it's all packed and ready to rock. I will spend some of tonight getting a gallery online for whatever photos I take, so look for a post directing you how to use that later.

I look forward to watching hockey back at the Coliseum tonight, I know this will be the best home opener I will ever attend – and I am sure it will be a memorable one. I hope the boys can really bring it tonight and start the home season off on a strong foot!


Michael Schuerlein

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