Isles Win and Blog Box Thoughts

WOW, what a night!

I know its 2 A.M. and everyone is probably saying – Mike, why are you still up? To give you some perspective – I am still on a high from my experiences tonight, and there is no way I can sleep just yet. Chris Botta, Corey Witt and the rest involved really did right by us tonight, even though I did not have a seat in the actual blog box (My own fault…..).

Where to begin? The Isles played a similar game as they did Friday night in Buffalo, a bit sloppy defensively at times, some unnecessary penalties and lots of heart and grit. In the end, the boys got the job done and held onto that all so important third period lead. One big downside – Jon Sim has a sprained knee and will be reevaluated soon.

I really want to go into what went on, but IT IS LATE and this post would be ridiculously long.

I will however say this – I enjoyed meeting my fellow bloggers, and it was great speaking to Richard Deitch of Sports Illustrated and also Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Journal. Thank you both for your insight and advice, it is truly priceless!

Here are a few teaser pics from the night:

High resolution larger images tomorrow, when I break down and get the gallery going!

Have a good night guys!

Michael Schuerlein

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