Meyer Claimed by Phoenix – Berard Signed *Officially*

According to several sources*, defenseman Freddy Meyer was claimed by the Phoenix Coyotes today.

Updated 5:06 P.M. Tuesday

The Berard signing is now officially, official per the Islanders Website.

It is a one year deal, and terms were not disclosed (Logan says its around $725k in his BLOG). I think this is the a great signing, because Berard had shown all through camp that he still has a bit of game left. I look forward to seeing a true power-play quarterback on the point.

Updated 6:53 A.M. Tuesday

Berard is now listed as part of the Isles roster on NHL.COM.



And with this news, it is almost a certainty that defenseman Bryan Berard is now an Islander. Berard has played great during the preseason and will certainly be a boost to the Islanders powerplay.

In other news, we learned during the press conference today that ex-Islander [url=Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia]Jason Blake[/url] has been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, and despite ongoing treatment will not miss any time with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Islesblogger just wants to wish the Blake family all the best in his recovery from this disease – especially being cancer awareness month. I am no stranger to the effects of cancer, having lost my mother in 2003. Jason, I wish you all the best – it matters not that are you no longer part of the Islanders.

To slow things down a bit, I just wanted to say that the blog box as a whole has already begun to adapt to the whole media atmosphere. We interviewed Daryl Bootland and Ted Nolan which was a big difference over Saturday’s game – so look for this update soon.

More after the Yankees attempt to force game 5.

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  1. Losing Jon Sim is a huge blow to an already struggling offense. Asham seemed to step up in big spots last year with his offensive grit and determination and I really felt that Jon Sim was going to take over that role. He was a big offseason acquisition that we were all excited about and it really stinks that he is gone so quickly. I can't imagine last season without Aaron Asham just like I'm having trouble picturing this one with Sim, but hopefully Ted Nolan and other leaders can rally the troops and fight for a some big wins over the next couple of games to right the ship and start taking over the atlantic division. I know we are all pretty upset about Sim leaving us on such short notice, but the best teams always fight through their injuries and I hope our Islanders can do the same. Lets go isles!!!

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