Berard Marks Return With Game Winner

I just want to apologize ahead of time for the short post tonight – I am extremely overtired and just wanted to get a few things off my mind in order to sleep.

In a night that marked the return of U.S. Olympian Bryan Berard to the New York Islanders, one would think that a player of his type would come in and blend with the current roster defenseman. Luckily for the Islanders and Islander fans alike – Berard is not your typical player.

If coming back to a team that gave you your first real shot at the NHL wasn't enough, Berard also came back against a former rival and team in the New York Rangers. Being brought in to quarterback the power play, it was no surprise to see Berard out there in those types of situations tonight – and there were plenty of them. During the regular rotation, Berard threw his weight around and was generally in position – although he did turn the puck over a handful of times and made an errant pass or too. It was after all his first regular season appearance, so I can definitely cut the guy some slack.

When he was finally given the extra time and room the result of a power play, Berard came through in a big way – notching the game winning goal on a 5-on-3 power play during the second period. Berard’s first goal of the season was enough of a cushion for the Isles to maintain the lead throughout the rest of the game, and two Rangers 5-on-3 power plays of their own.

It is hard not to argue with the logic of a GM and Coach when they bring in a player that could be viewed as questionable in terms of value to a team – but when they perform at such a level as we have seen in the preseason and in his Islanders debut, what's not to like?

Welcome back to New York Bryan, I hope you make the best of your time back here on the Island – make us proud!

Remember, I may have missed some spelling and maybe even something that makes no sense – but my eyes are literally fluttering from exhaustion this very moment. If I did miss something, I will correct it tomorrow!

Michael Schuerlein

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