Oh What A Night?

To forget maybe.

For all those Blog Box detractors wondering if any of us would be critical of the team after a loss – you may have your first opportunity to find out, as the Islanders got manhandled by the Maple Leafs 8-1.

The power play only generated one goal, despite multiple chances, and also gave up a short handed goal to boot.

I am sure all those who are on the fence about Bergeron and Berard will have plenty of ammo after tonight, as both players were less than stellar in their own end defensively.

The Isles were unable to generate any shots from the money areas in front of the net, as Toronto did a great job keeping the shots to the outside. When a shot comes from the perimeter, it has a very high percentage of getting blocked or getting deflected wide through traffic. The one goal that they did score – they had a man in front of the net for a deflection, so I am sure Nolan will address this.

Unfortunately for Dubie, this was one of those games where he had a chance to come in for his first start – but appeared to be off his game a bit.

Lastly, when are they going to learn to stop taking so many dumb, unnecessary penalties? I don't consider this part of the "Ranger Hangover", but more on the fact that this was the second game of a back to back. By the time we left the press room last night, if was after 10 P.M. so by the time the team got on the plane and got to Toronto it was very late.

Hopefully they got the bad – whatever, out of their system and come back strong against Philly.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Hey Mike – As much as I will support the team through it all, getting out of the game late, flying to TO, and all that stuff is an excuse. These guys are PROFESSIONALS and do it year in and year out. They are advised as how to handle this. There have been times that they have done so well in the back end of the two-in-two games.

    Yes – it is game 5 – and they are not fully in game and season mode yet, but no excuses; they were in the crapper last night, and they have to get out of the sand and be ready for a Flyer team that is pumped, and worst of all – its their home opener.

    If they dont get straightened out – 8 could be 10…… And we don't want that!

    Have a good weekend sir, and keep up the GREAT JOB!


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