Linky Love – Islesblogger Style

Being it's a slow day in Islanders Country – I figured I would share a bit of Linky Love today. You may be asking "What in the world is Linky Love?" as well as "Mike, I didn't think your website was so outgoing!". To those in the blogging community – you already know the idea, but for those not in the know here is a brief explanation from Blogossary's website:

Linky love is linking, usually unsolicited, to a site you enjoy, admire, or find useful.

That being said, I am sure you know what's coming. I just wanted to acknowledge all the websites who have been kind enough to pick up my posts or simply comment on my site. So now I present to you without further interruption "The List" (So anti climactic eh?).

James Mirtle, a sports desk staffer for The Globe and Mail in Toronto, has blog that is in my top ten daily sites visited. He has commented on the NYI Blog Box several times and even gave some kudos my way in his post. Check out that post, and then the rest of his site: http://mirtle.blogspot.com/2007/10/blogs-in-box.html

New York Hockey Talk is a great radio show on the AM dial that features all of the local NHL hockey teams. Its host – Rob Kowal recently had fellow Blog Boxer Dee Karl (7thWoman) on the show where they discussed the Islanders and the Blog Box in pretty good detail. Check out that segment from October 14th: http://www.nyhockeytalk.com/

The Guins Blog, a blog on the Pittsburgh Penguins also commented on the blog box – and wouldn't ya know it, referenced my take on the whole deal. Sometimes the far reach of the internet never ceases to amaze me.

Dominik, who runs Islanders Frontier over on MVN, has referenced my site a few times (He also comments regularly on my site). For those who may not know about his site – he is based in St. Louis and is surprisingly, a huge Islanders fan. Here are some of his most recent entries linking back to my site:





It really is a blast seeing the stuff I post here get referenced across the internet. All the sites listed (except for NY Hockey Talk) generate traffic my way, so I wanted to do the same for them. NYHT is just a great site and radio program and I felt generous enough to show them the “love”.

The other Blog Box participants have almost all linked back to me here – so please check out each of their sites listed in the Blog Roll located in the right column.

I think I'm all out of love for the night, time to recharge the batteries!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. and as soon as I learn how to do ANYTHING over there on my webjournal, I will absolutely show you a little "linky love"…
    Gee Mike… I'm glad you put the definiton in your entry. You would have had my mind wandering all day.

  2. Thanks for the "love," Mike. I'm really enjoying keeping up with your blog! (Seeing a site bathed in blue-and-orange never hurts, either.)

  3. This was a really nice idea for a post. It's been amazing to come across so many other blogs that are picking up on our chatter. I just found Dominik's the other night and I will now be a regular visitor (Hey, Dom!).

  4. Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words about the show. I added a link to your blog here on my Islanders page. It's tough to keep up with all the blogs out there, but you do a great job here.

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