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Yea yea, I know – I am a day late with the post about last night’s game. I went out after the game for some food and didn't feel like posting when I got in.

The Islanders played very well last night, even though they lost another third period lead. No worries, the boys managed to pull it together and won it with practically no time left in overtime. The man who scored his first three goals against the Capitals on Thursday – came through again on the power play in overtime. Who was that masked man you ask? The Captain – Bill Guerin.

Enough about how the game ended, let's talk about how it started. Zach Parise scored 55 seconds into the game to put the Devils ahead – he really is sticking it to the Islanders for picking Robert Nilsson ahead of him. Such is life though; blame Mad Mike for that one.

The line of Vasicek, Satan and Bergenheim had another strong game – with Vasicek and Satan each scoring during the second period. Bergenheim provided support in the corners, again opening up plenty of room by being a pest – I love what I see from him.

The special teams continue to shine, improving every game and vaulting the Islanders to the top 5 in both the power play and penalty kill.

At this point and time I am not extremely concerned about the loss of another third period lead, but I may change my mind if that trend continues.

I did update my gallery with the pictures I managed to take during and after the game – but unfortunately (or fortunately?) I couldn't take many in the post-game. Why? For one, Chris Botta came into the room and pulled Dee (7th Woman) aside, he came back without her and told Ken from Okposo Net and I that we were going into the locker room with the rest of the media. As you may have guessed, cameras are not permitted in the locker room – so this is the reason why I couldn't take many. I was in complete shock and didn't know what to do while in the locker room. I am sure Ken felt the same way.

We both sat there with our recorders running as the “Big Boy Media” interviewed Guerin and then DiPietro. Going back to the first time we interviewed Campoli and sat through Nolan's press conference – once again, I used the night as a learning experience. I still don't feel comfortable enough to get myself through the crowd of media to ask my own questions. In a way, I realized tonight that I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. There are people who would love this opportunity, but I almost feel like I am in over my head sometimes.

Going back to what I said about 7th Woman earlier, I really feel for her. She often gets put in an uncomfortable position because for one, she is a Woman covering a mans game and two – because of the relationship she has with the team almost feels like she has a conflict of interests. I was joking (or was I?) that I should interview her, because I really am interested in what she feels in those situations. I have enormous respect for Dee and I am proud to consider her a friend – she really does a great job and takes everything in stride.

I could go on and on forever about this – but I will not. Please check out the photos in the gallery and support the other Blog Box members when you can.