Berard Out 2-4 Weeks!

For those who may or may not have been so keen on the idea of carrying so many defenseman, should now know why it could turn out to be a godsend. With surplus d-men playing forward and riding the pine pony – a little juggling gives the Isles someone who can cover for Berard while he recovers from his groin injury.

As reported over on the Islanders Website, Berard will miss about 2-4 weeks, which will amount from anywhere between 2-5 games given the Islanders freakishly slow schedule.

Berard has been really solid and even has 2 game winning goals, hopefully this injury isn't too serious and he can bounce right back.

Horrible ice conditions 2, Islanders 0.

At least the depth and well planning (?) of Islanders management gives us some flexibility. But who will get the call? Johnson has looked O.K. at best on the 4th line and covered on defense when Berard went down, Bergeron has played on the PP (albeit with defensive gaffes) and Bates is set to make his return this Saturday – so there really are some tough decisions ahead.

I guess only time will tell.

Michael Schuerlein

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  1. Speaking of injuries, would anybody know what's happening with Marc-Andre Bergeron? Is he injured?

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