Blogging Live From SoCal!

Good evening Islander Country, I am blogging live from my friends house in San Diego – no, there are no fires where we are at so no need to worry.

I am here in SoCal to hang out with my friend Chris, before we head to Las Vegas for the 2007 SEMA Auto Show. For those that may not know, I am a contributing writer and photographer for X7 Media and attend this show every year – it just so happens that it fell in the midst of a long break in the Isles schedule. Unfortunately, I am missing two home games, but as a season ticket holder its hard to make every game. Thank god for Slingbox! I am watching as I type this.

I will be updating as the game progresses, let's drop that puck!

Let's go Islanders!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. I was just wondering if any bloggers in the Blog Box that would be doing it live. Great to see there is one.

    Of course, I listen on the radio through the internet just in time to hear Brind D'Amour's goal so let's hope the Penalty Killing Special Teams can get stingy again.

  2. You guys should see this… Mike flies all the way out to San Diego and the first thing he does is he whips out his laptop so he can watch the Islanders and blog immediately. He's feverishly typing away here in my office. What a dedicated fan… I only wish we had hockey out here in San Diego… I'm just not into it but I can appreciate all of his enthusiasm toward the team and the sport. Go Chargers!

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