Isles Fall to Carolina 8-3

Anyone who said that this crazy NHL schedule will not or cannot affect how a team plays is completely wrong. The Isles initially showed some jump during the first period, but gave up some early goals to Carolina. DiPietro looks shaky tonight, trying to do way too much with the puck and getting caught out of position twice.

We had a few power play opportunities, but couldn't finish. Satan had a great chance but hit the post, he sure did look disgusted.

Overall, I think they are playing ok despite some breakdowns. Like they just said on the intermission report, they are gaining Carolina's blue line with ease and are cycling the puck almost untouched.

We need to get on the board because this game can be salvaged.

More as it happens.

Fedotenko just scored, even though it was reviewed. Excellent drive to the net by Gervais.

Showing some life after that early period goal by Carolina.

Carolina just scored again to make it 5-1.

And again to make it 6-1, DiPietro was just pulled and Dubie is now in the game.

Thank god I am not there tonight.

Isles power play, Bergeron scores off a pretty drop pass by Comrie. Bergeron also showed patience with the puck and waited for a good shot instead of blasting a huge wide shot.

Now that we are in the second intermission, the Isles continue to bring pressure to the Carolina zone, but they are not getting the same breaks as Carolina. Defensively, the Islanders need to pick it up tonight.

Park was just awarded a penalty shot but tried to do too much.

The Rod just completed his hat trick. Another PP goal

Williams just scored also on the PP.

Sillinger scored his first of the season on the PP.

PS: IslesFaninCA, now I know how it feels to watch the game from your perspective. It's crazy watching hockey from across the country at a completely different hour.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Thanks for the empathy. I wasn't able to listen after Brind D'Amour's second goal due to previous plans.

    Just goes to show that nothing substitutes for playing the game. You can practice all you want but you still have to execute.

    Maybe Carolina is just that good 'cause I don't believe the Isles could be THAT off (even though it was one week).

    Let's see how they rebound against Tampa on the 1st.

  2. I wonder what the stats are for the Islanders losses after more than a four day lay over. Bet it's pretty much…. 100%. That was just brutal, but you gotta hand it to Brind'Amour.

    Travel safe Mike.

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