The Day After

Well, here I sit relaxing in SoCal after having spent the day getting a guided tour of Downtown San Diego and the surrounding areas. I must say, I am almost adjusted to the time difference and no long suffering the effects of jet-lag. A brief aside, I can't comprehend playing a hockey game after this type of travel.

I got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time, at the beautiful Torrey Pines beach. I have to say, even with the slight haze of smoke on the horizon – it was amazing. Not putting down our beaches on the island, but it was awesome. Here is a quick picture:

Another first, fish tacos from Rubio’s – a local favorite. Nothing like good food and being adventurous – something I don't normally do at home.

Now to the hockey talk! Going back to last Saturday after the overtime win against the Devils, Bill Guerin was asked about what it meant to win before such a long break in the schedule. He was quoted as referencing the NFL and how those players would have to wait a full week for another game and how the loss would hurt for the entire time off. The next time the Isles play is Thursday night – 5 days after suffering a blowout to the Carolina Hurricanes. Looks like they will get that “NFL” experience after all – hopefully they will use this as a learning experience, having been scorned in such a big way.

For those who may be interested in what reporters experience being in the locker room after one of these losses – check out Chris Botta's blog as he posted an in depth look on this very subject.

That's about all I have for tonight, we are heading out to Vegas early in the A.M. so I think I am going to relax for a bit.

I will have access to the net and will watch Thursday's game via slingbox, so expect a few more posts between now and then.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Ah Yes… California! I remember it well. I think the Filmore was still in existance when I was there… J/K…Travel Safe Mike.

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