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Rangers Lead 4-2

Posted by on 29 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, Post Game

Isles tied the game on a fluke Power Play goal – looks like one of the Rangers d-men put it in his own net.

That’s what it could take to get them going….

All tied up.

Simon – Orr 5 each for fighting.

8:35 PM – Comrie scoressssss! 3-2 Rangers

9:22 PM – Rangers score a goal on a play the Islanders wish they could emulate. A redirection off a passing play – Dubinsky’s 3rd of the year.

Sorry for the lousy game day update – I am extremely tired. I did managed to upload pictures from the Boston game Monday. Pics from the Ottawa game (including some juicy shots of the shootout) should be online tommorow.

I really need to get some sleep, the site update has been keeping me up late every night.

First Shootout- Isles Win!

Posted by on 28 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Live Blog

I decided to merge all of the Live Blog posts from the game tonight, because they didn’t need to be seperate.

7:43 PM – Vasicek from Satan 19:34 1st
7:51 PM – Isles Lead After One

Brief Recap

Isles lead on a late First period goal by Vasicek.

Power play had a few chances, but again they are trying to be too cute with the puck. Defensively they look ok, offensively they are having a problem gaining Ottawa’s zone.

Hopefully the late goal gets them fired up for the second.More from Section 309 as it happens.

8:55 PM – All Tied in Third

Sharp angle, Meszaros PP goal 1:05 3rd and right back to being shorthanded. Comrie two for holding. Back down a man.

9:02 PM – 2-1 Isles Sillinger’s 4th from Hilbert
9:25 PM – Tied 2-2 on a long wrist shot by Meszaros (2nd). DP looked screened on the play.
9:38 PM – Minute plus remain in OT – Ottawa has 4 forwards out. Isles down a man.
9:48 PM – First shoot-out of the season:

Satan: Miss
Alfredsson: Scores
Vasicek: Miss
Spezza: Miss
Guerin: Scores!
Heatley: Save
Comrie: Post
Robitaille: Save
Hunter: Miss
Vermette: Miss
Sillinger: Scores!
McAmmond: Save

Isles Win!!!!!!! Big two points from a tough Ottawa team!!!!

Site Refresh!!

Posted by on 28 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Site Announcements

In case anyone was wondering, YES – the site is different.

I had been debating back and forth for a while about switching over the site from the blog software I was using (SimplePHPBlog) to Word Press. Why? SimplePHPBlog was great, but anytime I wanted to add something – it took a few hours of development on my end to get done. It also wasn’t the most secure code in the world, and was flat text driven. Word Press has THOUSANDS of plug-ins available that extend what the software can do. To top it off, its database driven – which means it will be lightning fast.

I decided to switch this week, because I found a theme I liked over the weekend – it was close enough to the look that I had where I could rip it down and make it look like the older site. What you see here today is the result of about 10 hours over the weekend.

Unfortunately, all old Permalinks will only redirect to the main page – so if anyone has linked up to a specific post in the past you will wind up here. I will do my best to contact everyone.

But what’s in this for me – Mike?

Here are some big things off the bat:

  • Speed
  • Larger Font and Wider Format (50 pixels)
  • Better Live Blogging (via Twitter – all I do is send a text message from my phone)
  • Web 2.0-ish – I say ish, because im not 100% sure this theme is web 2.0.
  • Better Development
  • Comment Reply Subscription
  • Post Notification Subscription (Through HERE as well as the existing Feedburner Feed)

I am sure there are more points – but you get the idea.

I am not 100% complete with the refresh – so more will be added as the days go on, but I really wanted to go live before tonight. So look around and let me know if something is broken!

Thanks for being such loyal supporters of!

OT Loss

Posted by on 26 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, Mobile

Moving into OT, its over as quick as it started.

Power Play Goal

Posted by on 26 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, Mobile


Park's Shortie

Posted by on 26 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, Mobile

Park great read intercepts a pass, Turco misses poke check and hits the open net.

Isles Boston Rematch Recap

Posted by on 26 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, Post Game

What a mouthful for a post title!

Why am I posting this over 24 hours after the game? I spent pretty much all day working on moving the site over to WordPress today. I did a bunch of coding, then started moving all the content over to the database – which isn't an easy task because this site is text driven….. (HUH?). No worries, that's it for the tech talk.

Once again, the Isles let Boston get the early lead – but they managed to withstand any further pressure and power plays against. The Isles power play looked better, but they were still having a problem with puck movement and getting shots through. I started to lose track of how many shin pads they hit.

Simon missed an open net on the rebound, Hunter and Sillinger had a few chances in front of the net as well. Comrie looked better, but once again he made one too many moves. Campoli was hitting like a smaller version of Sutton – catching one of the B's with their head down for a HUGE hit.

Bergeron was back in the lineup and looked pretty good defensively tonight, although when he was on the PP he kept shooting the puck wide (looking for a deflection I suppose), so I wonder if they worked on that during practice. Berard and Bergeron on the same power play made me question that logic….

Mario (my friend’s father who sits two seats to the right of me) brought me a Canon Zoom Lens to try out. I took a bunch of pics last night – but being side tracked today did not post them. However, I did get the game winner by Park – so that will be up right after work tomorrow.

Lastly, DiPietro looked great last night – although there was some concern for him when he got nailed behind the net. Seemed a bit wobbly.

Tomorrow's Game: Dallas

Dallas is coming off a win over the Rangers which makes 5 straight. Hopefully we can knock a streaking Western Conference team off their game and get an important 2 points.

So I Ran Into Satan….

Posted by on 26 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: General

No, not that fiery under lord to the far south, but none other than Miroslav Satan. Being a life long Long Islander, I have never run into a current player when out and about on the town – guess I can’t say that anymore.

As luck would have it, one of my lights burnt out in the new apartment and I needed a Home Depot run to pick up the halogen bulb. As I am sitting in the bulb aisle picking through what seemed like thousands of the wrong bulbs – I hear this very familiar voice behind me speaking in another language. I turn around and kind of let out a “Woah, hey Miro! I thought I heard a familiar voice!” He laughed and asked if I spoke Slovak, assuming I picked up on their discussion….and laughed. I said, “Nah, I am one of bloggers for the Islanders – just recognized your voice”. I congratulated him on the great game from the night before and told him to enjoy his night.

I am not one to bother celebrities when they are out, especially with their family as he was – but I couldn’t help myself from saying a little something. Who knew that my little Home Depot trip would turn into something notable?

Maybe he’ll recognize me tomorrow night? One could always hope.

Hilbert Scores

Posted by on 24 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, Live Blog

Andy nets his first!!!!!!!

Islesblogger on HNLI Radio Show Today!

Posted by on 24 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, News, Site Announcements

Today is the day that I will be on the air with Alex and Steve at 3:30pm. We will be discussing several things, including tonights tilt against the Bruins, last weeks Ranger game, Wednesday against the Habs and yesterday’s Bruins game. As well as All-Star Voting and other general topics.


Show went great, I had a really great time – even though I feel I am a horrible interview. To listen to the show, check out the player below or head on over to

I already downloaded the broadcast, and put it on my iPhone. Thanks again for having me guys, call on me anytime in the future.

The Pin (Part Deux)

Posted by on 24 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: General

Thinking back to Al Arbour night at the beginning of the month, Chris Botta posted a neat post in his blog about how then Islanders coach Rick Bowness had given him a pin from Al Arbour night in 1997. Chris titled his post “The Pin” and I thought it was a really great story.

I never really gave any thought to missing the first Al Arbour night myself, as I was younger and unable to attend as many games as I can now (mostly due to my season tickets). My uncle and I discussed the commemorative pin given out that night and how he had one somewhere – but didn’t know where. Well, before the game against the Habs on Wednesday – he said he had something for me when I picked him up before the game and handed me “The Pin”. As a die hard Islander fan, I have some really interesting memorabilia that I gathered through friends, family and of course eBay auctions. One such piece is an issue of The Hockey News from the early 80’s with Potvin, Bossy and Nystrom on the cover holding the Cup (It’s autographed by two of three). That issue was up until Wednesday my favorite Islander “artifact”, it is now the Al Arbour pin.

I know my Uncle reads my blog everyday, so I wanted to take a second to give him a very big THANK YOU. While you may view it as a small gesture, it really means a lot to me. The past year (plus) having season tickets has been a blast and I am happy you decided to go in half with me this season. Hopefully the Isles win the back half of this home and home tonight!

Bruins Beat Isles 2-1

Posted by on 23 Nov 2007 | Tagged as: Gameday, Post Game

Well, chalk another one up in the "Mike misses part of game" column. I had to go to work today, when 90% of the country is off today – I only missed half the game though.

I caught just about 14 minutes of the second period, so the only thing I missed was boring hockey. Lucky for me, I got to witness the Isles begin to self destruct by taking some penalties the result of being stuck in the defensive zone.

They are not clearing the puck well, giving up turn overs on bad passes and those horrid clearing attempts. When they get into the offensive zone, they are clearly not putting enough pressure on Thomas.

What's up with all these behind the back and drop passes lately? Sillinger attempted to drop the puck to Hunter, who was about 3 steps in front of him when he tried a behind the back. Comrie is again trying way too hard to be pretty with the puck.

Hopefully the boys can snap out of this funk and get on the board starting the 3rd on the power play – they need it.

20 seconds in and we have a 5 on 3 for almost 2 minutes!

Blown 5 on 3 due to horrible passing, absolutely horrible.

1:53 pm: Poor Hilbert, hits the post then gets knocked down going for a rebound.

1:57 pm: Sutton lays out Kessel open ice! What a hit.

2:01 pm: Passes behind players, bad break outs lead to several icings. It seems that the other teams have done their homework on the Isles – limited space through the neutral zone and causing the Isles breakout to suffer.

2:12 pm: Metropolit scores for the Bruins, looks like it was deflected of Gervais.

2:14 pm: Another offsides call against the Isles – between icing and offsides, how can they keep the pressure on?

2:17 pm: Sillinger scores 2-1 5:39 of the 3rd. How funny is this – I was just about to tell Tom through my blog – SHUTOUT to jinx Thomas! Let's go boys!

2:24 pm: Berard pulled down – POWERPLAY! Look for Ricky to be pulled soon.

2:25 pm: DiPi pulled, can't hold the offensive zone.

2:26 pm: Timeout Islanders – hopefully they will address the horrible passing. Berard also has no control accepting a pass tonight – seems to bounce right off his stick.

2:32 pm: And that does it. Isles blow some power play chances – having NO SHOTS on a 5 on 3 and they lose by one goal.

Something needs to be done about the power play, there is absolutely no crisp passes – in the words of my High School hockey coach "No more SISSY MARY passes!". At least having a home and home gives the Isles a chance to come out even more determined to win tomorrow night.

That's about it for me today, I have to go move the rest of my stuff from the old apartment to the new apartment. Have a great day guys.

UPDATE Brendan Witt was hit with a high stick in the later part of the 3rd period and did not return. Hopefully it's nothing too serious – but look for him to come out fired out tommorow night.

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