Quick Recap and Photos

Just got back from Hooters, I am exhausted from the long day but I just wanted to post a few of the pictures I took tonight. It just so happens I caught the tying and winning goals with my camera tonight – first time I ever caught a goal in a picture – let alone twice.

This team just refuses to lie down and die – no matter the opponent (albeit for the blowout games) they seem to rally and come back late in the game. This is something that I am really excited about, because a game is never really over until the final horn. It is a bit of an adjustment to the way this team plays compared to years prior – but it is a welcome change none-the-less.

When the Rangers scored the first goal in the 2nd period, I thought “Well, this was way too good a game to fall back by a goal and lose 1-0”. Thankfully, I got to go home happy.

This team can work, and when it works – if works on all cylinders. All 4 lines contributed in one form or another tonight – I love it.

Without writing for the entire night (or what's left), I will stop and simply post the two pictures. I hope everyone enjoyed the game – I sure did!

Fedotenko's tying goal

Satan's game winner

Full size pictures available in the non-embedded gallery.

I will upload the rest of the pictures tomorrow at some point.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Mike,

    I think we snapped our pictures at the exact same moment to the split second, seriously. Just from the other side of the barn. They full size ones in the gallery look great.


  2. Wow! Way to catch the two best shots of the night! That game was outstanding. I like what you said — the way this team keeps fighting is a great sign.

  3. I think this was the best overall game of the year regarding playing for 3 periods.

    Maybe it was the fact that it was a Ranger game but I thought this was the most aggressive I'd seen them play all year from start to finish.

    Nolan has this team on all cylinders and it's really fun to watch.

    Hopefully they won't have big-game letdown against the Devils.

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