Thoughts on Last Night's Game

Let me first say that I know I have not been posting much the past few nights. I have literally been running around like a mad man with this move. I am pretty much completely into our new place, we just have some “junk” at the old place to sort through and throw out and we are done.

With that said, I know this post is about 24 hours later than I would normally get to (and also extremely long in hindsight) – but such is life.

What a game last night! The Islanders really did a great job honoring all the currently military members and veterans. It was great seeing the Navy Band play and all of the other service members in attendance. I thought the Air National Guard repelling in was great, much better than the Nassau SWAT team (Just looked better to me). As far as the game, I thought the Islanders played the Devils the way they need to – break the trap, get pucks through the neutral zone and get shots on Brodeur. I don't know if the Devils were tired because of all the games they played last week, but they seemed very flat to me. Either way, the Isles controlled the game for the most part, and did not take one single penalty for the first time this season (and well….who knows when the last time before that was).

How about that defense? Campoli continues to shine with 2 more assists last night. I think last night was also Sutton's best game as an Islander. He really kept DiPietro's crease clean and clear of any loose debris… although Witt inadvertently scored his first goal of the season last night – on us though. Gervais and Martinek also played outstanding.

Miroslav Satan!!

On the way to the locker room last night, we walked past FSN interviewing Miro – apparently I was very visible on TV last night because I had an email waiting from fellow Blog Boxer 7thWoman saying she saw me (Happy Birthday Dee!). I feel like a super star today – anyone have a copy of the video?

It was a slow night in the Blog Box last night, when I got over to Section 201 from my seats in 309, the only person there was Ken Rosenblatt of The Tiger Track came over from his seats. I think it was the smallest turnout yet from the group. Despite our small numbers, we did manage to cover the locker room interview and press conference very well. Ken asked questions to both Rick DiPietro and Ted Nolan – which made Isles PR VP Chris Botta comment to me “Hey, look at this!” with a big grin.

Once again, yours truly did not ask any questions, but I did want to ask Nolan if his game plan changed much between the Rangers and Devils, as they play similar styles. I really need to speak up.

Through Mike’s Eyes:

One positive of not asking any questions of my own, I am always observing what is going on in the locker room while the press is conducting an interview. While looking around the room last night, Brendan Witt was engaged in conversation with Bruno Gervais – and while I won’t divulge all the details – it was a case of a younger player asking for advice and feedback from an older seasoned veteran. It’s great to see that happen first hand, as you generally only hear how a team has come together via press releases or interviews. One other observation, Josef Vasicek quipped something in Slovak to Satan while being interviewed – and it must’ve been something good because he laughed right in the middle of talking. Too bad we will never get to the bottom of that one.

As always I took a bunch of pictures and continue my streak of catching the winning goal with my camera. Here is a picture of Miroslav Satan's 3rd consecutive game winning goal:

The Islanders now have a record of 9 and 4, and a game winning streak of 4 – the longest of the season so far. They denied Brodeur's 500th career win, which as much as I would like to see – I did not want it to be against the Isles. Ricky now has 98 career wins, so sometime in the near future we will see him reach 100.

I think that's about it for tonight, I will get to posting some other pictures from the game last night.

Michael Schuerlein

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