The 2 Man Advantage on Isles TV!

I don't know if anyone else is a fan of what the guys over at The 2 Man Advantage are all about – or even know who they are, but I do. These guys are absolute hockey freaks and obviously love to have a good time. Think hockey interviews, part humor and hijinx – yet compelling all at the same time and you have The 2 Man Advantage.

Who the heck is The 2 Man Advantage? A crazy group consisting of Scotty, Nemmy, Bressler, Esq. and Artem.

2007 has been the “Year of the Blogger”; for the Islanders organization, having seen the introduction of the NYI Blog Box. The 2 Man Advantage is a group of video bloggers – in a manner of speaking, but they also have a regular blog – so it’s only natural that these crazy guys get the love from the Isles as well. What’s even better? The fact that the guys are from Long Island, and happen to be Islanders fans!

Check out their latest video, which is up on the Islanders Site.

Keep up the great work guys, see you at the game!

Michael Schuerlein

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