I Just Can't Win

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But maybe that streak will allow the Islanders to continue on their streak against the Rangers.

What's my problem tonight? Well, I mentioned a few times that I built a new apartment recently, everything is new.

I noticed a stain on the brand new ceiling last night, and upon investigation – the radiator in my sisters room was leaking. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I am an A/C and Heating mechanic, so I get to fix it up. It's not in an easy spot mind you – but Murphy's law always comes into play.

So if I don't get a post out until the end of the first or second period – that's why. I have not even had a chance to eat dinner yet.

I just can't win.

Let's go Islanders!!!!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. That's too bad, Mike. You didn't miss much with the first period, but I hope you got to catch the second! Another exciting Isles win that went down to the wire.

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