Loose Ends!

Well, where do I start?

Let me first apologize for not posting much on the past few games – I really hate missing out on them.

Islanders vs. Rangers 11/19/07 2-1 Road Win

Overall I thought this was one of the most solid road wins of the season. Jagr and co. were kept silent all night, even being limited to one shot on goal a piece from Jagr and Drury. The defense was very sharp and didn't give into any of Avery's antics. The Islanders had some trouble getting started though, icing the puck numerous times until they managed some pressure through the neutral zone.

Fedotenko and Vasicek continue to prove everyone wrong – which makes me laugh harder and harder at the predictions bestowed on the Isles this year. I'll be honest, it is a long season and things can change – but for now they continue their roll over division rivals thought to be tougher than they are.

DiPietro had his 100th career win, another great game by a goaltender that doesn't get nearly enough credit. With guys named Broduer and Lundquist right across the river – I guess it can be easy to forget Ricky…..

Mike's Rant

After I catch my breath from the hysterical views of the press on the Islanders – I am forced to reach for an oxygen mask when I see local media members thump their chest for the teams they cover. Homerism is very rampant in NY sports – which makes me wonder why everyone is scared of bloggers and what the Islanders have done this season with the Blog Box.

Two blatant homers if there ever were a pair – Al Trautwig and Larry Brooks of MSG and The NY Post respectively. One expects a bit of support for the "home" team when you are assigned the task of covering that team for your media outlet – but lets be real, there will be times in your career that you will have to give a nod to the opposing team. Neither of these chaps are capable in any capacity of doing so. Trautwig has even gone as far as to mock Islander fans on the air and Brooks (even as a past Isles beat writer) goes out of his way to kick dirt on the organization whenever he see the opportunity.

As a blogger, I am fully aware of the shadow of doubt and concern cast upon us by the "Big Boy Media", but come on – I know when to call a spade a spade and I also know how to keep things respectful enough not to cross any lines. Chris Botta obviously trusts the bunch of us and I love how as a PR guy – he isn't afraid to point out the wrongdoings himself.

I really need to post more often because I can't imagine keeping that stuff bottled up too long – I might just explode.


Michael Schuerlein


  1. Ah Larry Brooks … what can you say about this guy …I Cant believe his quote in the post on Tues. "Avery served a double minor for being near Sutton when he fell down" Is he joking ?!?!?!? The blade of Avery's stick (surprise surprise!) caught Sutton dangerously close to the eye as the replays clearly showed. Wow talk about being bias.But hey what can you expect from a Rag shill. This is the same guy who complained all year about a clean open ice hit that Witt laid on Jagr early last year. What a joke of a reporter Brooks is.

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