The Pin (Part Deux)

Thinking back to Al Arbour night at the beginning of the month, Chris Botta posted a neat post in his blog about how then Islanders coach Rick Bowness had given him a pin from Al Arbour night in 1997. Chris titled his post “The Pin” and I thought it was a really great story.

I never really gave any thought to missing the first Al Arbour night myself, as I was younger and unable to attend as many games as I can now (mostly due to my season tickets). My uncle and I discussed the commemorative pin given out that night and how he had one somewhere – but didn’t know where. Well, before the game against the Habs on Wednesday – he said he had something for me when I picked him up before the game and handed me “The Pin”. As a die hard Islander fan, I have some really interesting memorabilia that I gathered through friends, family and of course eBay auctions. One such piece is an issue of The Hockey News from the early 80’s with Potvin, Bossy and Nystrom on the cover holding the Cup (It’s autographed by two of three). That issue was up until Wednesday my favorite Islander “artifact”, it is now the Al Arbour pin.

I know my Uncle reads my blog everyday, so I wanted to take a second to give him a very big THANK YOU. While you may view it as a small gesture, it really means a lot to me. The past year (plus) having season tickets has been a blast and I am happy you decided to go in half with me this season. Hopefully the Isles win the back half of this home and home tonight!

Michael Schuerlein

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