Isles Boston Rematch Recap

What a mouthful for a post title!

Why am I posting this over 24 hours after the game? I spent pretty much all day working on moving the site over to WordPress today. I did a bunch of coding, then started moving all the content over to the database – which isn't an easy task because this site is text driven….. (HUH?). No worries, that's it for the tech talk.

Once again, the Isles let Boston get the early lead – but they managed to withstand any further pressure and power plays against. The Isles power play looked better, but they were still having a problem with puck movement and getting shots through. I started to lose track of how many shin pads they hit.

Simon missed an open net on the rebound, Hunter and Sillinger had a few chances in front of the net as well. Comrie looked better, but once again he made one too many moves. Campoli was hitting like a smaller version of Sutton – catching one of the B's with their head down for a HUGE hit.

Bergeron was back in the lineup and looked pretty good defensively tonight, although when he was on the PP he kept shooting the puck wide (looking for a deflection I suppose), so I wonder if they worked on that during practice. Berard and Bergeron on the same power play made me question that logic….

Mario (my friend’s father who sits two seats to the right of me) brought me a Canon Zoom Lens to try out. I took a bunch of pics last night – but being side tracked today did not post them. However, I did get the game winner by Park – so that will be up right after work tomorrow.

Lastly, DiPietro looked great last night – although there was some concern for him when he got nailed behind the net. Seemed a bit wobbly.

Tomorrow's Game: Dallas

Dallas is coming off a win over the Rangers which makes 5 straight. Hopefully we can knock a streaking Western Conference team off their game and get an important 2 points.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Another great post, Mike. I appreciate your game recaps that are done so quickly. I heard your interview on Hockey Night on Long Island (or NY Hockey Talk) and appreciate what you're doing regarding the blogging.

    I'm gonna be able to catch the 1st period of the Dallas game before having to work. WILL YOU BE LIVE BLOGGING?

  2. I saw you in the chat Saturday during the Hockey Night on Long Island broadcast – thanks for coming over to support the site.

    If I live blog, it will be a quick one like I did when Hilbert scored, when I go live with the new blog there will be a better means to live blog, as I can send a text message or an email from my phone to post an update.

    I'd go live tonight, but the script to import my entries from this version isn't working very well. I want to make it so the transition is seamless.


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