Site Refresh!!

In case anyone was wondering, YES – the site is different.

I had been debating back and forth for a while about switching over the site from the blog software I was using (SimplePHPBlog) to Word Press. Why? SimplePHPBlog was great, but anytime I wanted to add something – it took a few hours of development on my end to get done. It also wasn’t the most secure code in the world, and was flat text driven. Word Press has THOUSANDS of plug-ins available that extend what the software can do. To top it off, its database driven – which means it will be lightning fast.

I decided to switch this week, because I found a theme I liked over the weekend – it was close enough to the look that I had where I could rip it down and make it look like the older site. What you see here today is the result of about 10 hours over the weekend.

Unfortunately, all old Permalinks will only redirect to the main page – so if anyone has linked up to a specific post in the past you will wind up here. I will do my best to contact everyone.

But what’s in this for me – Mike?

Here are some big things off the bat:

  • Speed
  • Larger Font and Wider Format (50 pixels)
  • Better Live Blogging (via Twitter – all I do is send a text message from my phone)
  • Web 2.0-ish – I say ish, because im not 100% sure this theme is web 2.0.
  • Better Development
  • Comment Reply Subscription
  • Post Notification Subscription (Through HERE as well as the existing Feedburner Feed)

I am sure there are more points – but you get the idea.

I am not 100% complete with the refresh – so more will be added as the days go on, but I really wanted to go live before tonight. So look around and let me know if something is broken!

Thanks for being such loyal supporters of www.islesblogger.com!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Looks good thus far … keep up the good work, i realy enjoy the blog and of course …. LETS GO ISLANDERS !!!!!

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