Berard and FMIV Scratched Tonight

Just got home from the doctor – and according to Chris Botta’s latest blog entry, Ted Nolan must’ve passed whatever he has onto me the other night. Thanks a bunch Ted! Of course, I am only kidding – I really doubt the coach walking past me at the press conference managed to get me sick!

For those wondering, Botta’s post wasn’t just about the coach being under the weather – he compliments the Thrashers coaching staff for taking the Islanders seriously and admitting they need to be prepared for a “different team” come tonight. Chris also reports that Defensemen Bryan Berard and Freddy Meyer IV will be scratches tonight.

In the words of Chris Botta:

Looks like Berard and the Fantastic IVth are the scratches tonight.

Ruslan Fedotenko was asked by the press what it was like to be back with Guerin and Comrie – again – and, bless him, Tank tried really, really hard to come up with a good answer.

Ted Nolan is so under the weather, he asked if it was okay for Gerard Gallant to do the post-skate media scrum this morning. Here’s hoping when you see Ted on the FSN post-game tonight, an Islanders victory has contributed to bringing some of the color back to his face.

Check out the rest of his post over on his blog NYI Point Blank.

I checked out some of the blogs today while I was waiting in the Doctor’s office, when I came across Chris’s – I literally laughed out loud when I came to the Freddy Meyer bit. Chris, as much as I know you would hate being labeled this way – you are a great blogger! I am always impressed reading Chris’s blog because of how candid he can be, because when you think of a PR guy – you don’t think of someone who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade or verbally slap the media around when need be. I guess when you’ve worked for the Islanders as long as he has – it comes with the territory.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Sorry you’re not well Mike. But at least you won’t miss any games this week. Yep, CB is an amazing writer. I keep wondering what the heck he needs us for.

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