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One of the best things about browsing message boards is the variety of threads that pop up on the different things fans notice during the course of a game.

This morning while browsing the Islanders forum on HF Boards, there was a thread entitled “Guerin’s Jersey”. Curiosity got the best of me, so I had to check out the discussion. What I found was a surprising observation by HF Board member NYIschremp44:

Why does Bill Guerin’s jersey not have a “four stripe” shoulder patch?

At this point, I was extremely interested in checking on this, as I had not noticed this myself. Below are some photos that I was able to dig up through Getty Images – that prove his away jersey is lacking the 4 stripe patch, while his team mates are not missing them.

Starting from the game last night, going back to the game against the Devils on November 16th. All photos were found on Getty’s website and credit goes to the original photographers. Pictures can be found here: Getty Images

Isles v. Panthers 12/08/07 – Patch Missing

Isles v. Atlanta 12/05/07 – Patch Missing

Isles v. Rangers 11/29/07 – Patch Missing

Isles v. Bruins 11/23/07 – Patch Missing

Isles v. Devils 11/16/07 – Patch Missing

Isles v. Devils 11/16/07 – Patch Still There

So after going back and looking to see what is going on, it is safe to say that the jersey was either damaged during the Devils game and the difference overlooked, or the patch was removed and never sewn back – for reasons unknown. Could be superstition, could be nothing at all – but now I need to find out.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. He didn’t have it in the pre-game skate tonight in Tampa, but does have it on his jersey during the game.



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