Islanders Win 3-2 in Overtime

First Period

Freddy Meyer is dressed tonight and may play forward for a few shifts. Fedotenko is also out with a shoulder injury.

7:45 PM Sutton with a HUGE clean hit. Now on a power play.
7:55 PM Isles down a man, doing well to block shots.

They look a bit better now that they are out of the first 10 of the period. Showing some life.

7:57 PM They are still shooting right into shin pads. They need to make quicker decisions.
8:03 PM Getting to loose pucks better tonight, and moving the puck around with speed. Witt just took another penalty.
8:05 PM Sillinger had a short handed breakaway, Hunter took a high sticking penalty. Down 2 men for a minute.
8:06 PM St. Louis just took a tripping penalty, back to being down a man 4-on-3. Tampa has speed and are dangerous with lots of open ice.
8:07 PM Park broke in alone, Holmqvist with a nice save. 4-on-4 for a minute
8:10 PM Period just about over – scoreless after 1

The Isles came out with a lot more intensity tonight, although they couldn’t get out of their own zone for what seemed like the first 10 minutes of the period. The shot differential isn’t that wide of a margin and there have been numerous chances each way. Penalty kill is very strong tonight, if it continues it could help us steal a point or two tonight. Tampa is very strong at home, so if the Isles maintain pressure and play smart – they will get on the board the way this game seems to be going. Another positive would be to pot one on the power play, which would be a huge lift to the offense. The way Guerin has been playing, he should break out anytime now. I also commented last night on how they were not moving their feet, well tonight they are skating around and getting open for one another.

I am sitting on my couch with my laptop as I feel completely horrible tonight. I don’t know how much I will post, but I will do the best I can.

Second Period

8:29 PM Bergenheim to Guerin – he couldn’t get his stick on it. Great play!
8:30 PM Satan draws a penalty – Power Play!
8:33 PM One-timers? Wow they’ve been practicing! 2 man advantage Isles – Tampa took another penalty! Big chance here!
8:34 PM Give away leads to short handed breakaway, DiPi big save.

8:36 PM Just noticed Guerin has the stripes on his jersey tonight.
8:38 PM Simon vs. Roy big punches! Roy drops Simon with a huge right! They clearly compliment each other on the bout on the way to the penalty boxes. I love good sportsmanship!

8:47 PM Sometimes the way this team has been trying to clear the puck, it reminds me of the Stirling years….
8:55 PM What did I say, Guerin scores! Takes a lucky bounce! Must be those stripes!!

8:57 PM Interference on Tampa! Back to the power play
8:59 PM Shot hit the cross bar!
9:01 PM Holmqvist gets caught out of the net, Satan couldn’t get around the net fast enough.
9:08 PM Another Tampa penalty….how long until Tortorella blows a cork?

Power play will carry over into the 3rd period, the Isles looked great there all period getting lots of shots and sustaining pressure. Guerin finally got on the board – just like I said he would earlier. The Islanders are keeping Tampa from getting any shots through, which is mostly due to them taking so many penalties. They need to come out with the same pressure and pot one on the power play – and they will take this game. So far so good!

Third Period

9:27 PM Starting the period on the power play – 1 minute worth
9:28 PM Too many short handed chances for Tampa
9:31 PM Delayed penalty – Isles will be down a man if they ever touch the puck.
9:33 PM Another funky goal – Tampa ties it.
9:35 PM Penalties called on both teams – 4-on-4 full two minutes
9:48 PM Hunter causes turnover, passes to Hilbert and he SCORES!!
9:50 PM Penalty Islanders
9:51 PM Delay of game DiPietro for leaving the trapezoid – 5-on-3 for Tampa
9:53 PM Sillinger decides to go get a stick, Tampa scores on the PP
9:56 PM Vasicek takes a penalty on Lukowich in the offensive zone….back to being down a man. These penalties and power play goals are killing us.

10:00 PM Big penalty kill – Keep the pressure on guys!
10:01 PM Comrie gets nailed, somehow Park gets hurt on the play by Comrie’s stick.
10:02 PM I will take that icing call, Prospal came awfully close to putting it in.
10:03 PM Another icing, 1:30 remaining in the third
10:04 PM Under a minute remaining
10:05 PM We are heading to overtime – the Isles getting at least a point thanks to the play of DiPietro


10:08 PM Tampa takes a penalty – Power Play – big chance for the Islanders here
10:10 PM Some good chances, but they are still holding onto the puck too long. They kept the puck deep and the pressure on.
10:11 PM Power play ends, Tampa takes another penalty. Dare I say another GOLDEN opportunity. Isles take their time out.
10:13 PM Great chance in front – Big Bill G stationed in front
10:14 PM Awesome power play movement here – Guerin again with a big shot

Well, that was quite a finish! They cashed in on the power play, which given all the chances tonight had been scoreless. All around great game, and aside from the power play goals by Tampa was a superb road game. This is a huge win before they head home before shuffling off to Buffalo to face the Sabres.

This is the type of win the Islanders needed to help boost their confidence and also stops their losing streak at 5.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Yep, GREAT hit by Sutton. Didn’t realize he was 6’6″ 245 lbs.

    But when not getting a shot on goal until 4 minutes into the game, maybe shouldn’t have expected much pressure on another failed power play.

  2. Now I know why Hilbert’s so awful. He’s a Michigan Wolverine!


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