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Sometimes you never really get to appreciate some of the top players in the league because their teams rarely get to your home arena. Such is true for teams like Vancouver, Chicago and the Capitals. Fortunately, the Penguins have several big name players on their team and being a divisional rival – we get to see these players 4 times a year. It’s been great seeing Crosby and Malkin grow into the elite players that they are – these kids will be in this league a really long time.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) we will not get to see a battle of goaltenders selected first overall when the Islanders take on the Penguins at the Coliseum. Marc-Andre Fleury is out with an ankle injury, and Dany Sabourin will be making his first start in front of the Islanders.

Per the Islanders website, the Islanders have an edge in age and experience over the Penguins – but the Pens are the far more dangerous team offensively, with players like Crosby, Malkin and Staal near the top of the leauge in goals and points. With any luck, the Islanders should be able to surprise Sabourin with pressure out of the gate in order to try to get an early lead. The Islanders need to stick to their defensive game against their much quicker opponent.

For the Islanders, defensemen Bryan Berard and Freddy Meyer continue their string of being healthy scratches – so unless the play of our current d-men flounders, we may not see them for a while. It’s no secret that Nolan isn’t happy with the play of Berard right now – could be be a throw in for a future trade? The news that injured defenseman Aaron Johnson is progressing well, one never knows what the Isles could do, but they are rumored to be interested in Phoenix’s Derek Morris per Hockeybuzz. Morris is another puck moving power play quarterback.

I know I was going to try to get to the post game interviews from Thursday, but I just have not had the time. I am behind on my Christmas shopping and my buddy came over to pick up the computer that I fixed for him. I also gave the dog a much needed bath today – it was LONG overdue.

Just took the pictures from the last several games off my camera, I really want to upload them right now – but I am still not ready to head out to the game so they’ll have to wait for now.

I will be “live blogging” from my phone at the game, so check back tonight for updates if you can’t catch the game on TV.

Michael Schuerlein

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