Media Scrum – Canadian Style

Last night was your typical hockey night, especially after the game given all the nights intangibles – Blake’s return, DiPietro’s injury, Comrie’s solid game, Park’s emergence as a clutch player and of course a Canadian team visits the Island.

This was not the first time a Canadian team has visited the Island though, but for whatever reason – when Toronto is in town there will be double the amount of usual media members present in the scrum. Who all was there you ask? Let’s give a quick breakdown:

The usual suspects:

2 Associated Press writers
Islanders TV Crew
SNY Crew
FSN Crew
Greg Logan of Newsday
NY Post Beat Writer
Bryan from the 4th Period
Blog Boxers
WFAN Sound Guy
Assorted other people I can’t remember by association or name

Canadian Infusion:

Fan 590 Crew
Sportsnet Crew
TSN Crew
Globe and Mail Beat Writer

Talk about a packed house! It’s crowded as it is most of the time – but last night it was borderline crazy. It felt like the paparazzi were in the locker room pestering all the players with every question and angle imaginable. It was definately a new experience, thats for sure.

Dee, 7th Woman had mentioned something about Greg Logan in her blog today, let me just add that Greg completely ran out of paper in his journalists notepad – and he told us he still wanted a few quotes from some of the players. Being friendly with Greg, we offered him paper and he kindly said he would squeeze whatever he could on the front and back covers of his pad….what a job that man does!

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Mike: I visited the toronto site today to listen to their take on last night’s game. I watched the “Game in 6 minutes” on their version of ITV and was SHOCKED to hear the announcers. They sounded as if they should have been calling the game for us. I suppose the canadian media was why the after game lunacy took so long, even though they had to fly out last night. but it certainly is always interesting.

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