Ottawa Wins 5-2 – Fedotenko Injured

The woes continue, not only are the Islanders getting manhandled in Ottawa by the Sens, we lost yet another player to injury. Ruslan Fedotenko has left the game with a hand injury and is listed as day-to-day. No word on if any call-ups are neccesary for Saturday.

Guerin just scored to make it 3-1 11 minutes remaining.

Isles showing some life here – about time. Must’ve gotten a favorable answer from the mid-period check of that magic eight ball.

Looked like a high stick to me – should be NO GOAL, but of course inconclusive evidence goes against the Isles and its now 4-1.

Fisher just scores to make it 5-1. These Senators are just too fast for the Islanders – what more can you say at this point?

I wish I was on the road tonight to hear Nolan’s post game commentary first hand…..

When is this team going to realize that EVERY single time they get a stick anywhere near the oppositions hands they will get called for hooking? Seriously?!?

Guerin just ripped a shot breaking into the zone. 2nd of the game, 12th of the year….should have shot more all game.

Powerplay Islanders – I have guarded optimism here ::cue laugh track::

OFFSIDES, stop making moves at the blueline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am extremely steamed right now – which is why I didn’t blog during most of the game like I have during most of the away games. This was just a very poor showing by the Islanders, they need to stop the win one, lose two, win 3, lose 1 type trend if they wish to advance at all in the standings.

I almost want to give them a bye because they played last night, but the schedule is only going to get tougher here as they will be playing 16 games in the next 30 games. Will Snow make a move or two to solidify scoring depth or defensive depth? One never knows, but the trade freeze ends in 2 hours and the trade deadline is fast approaching.

The Islanders better bring a better effort Saturday against the Devils.

Michael Schuerlein

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