Late Recap: Devils – Islanders

I don’t really have many excuses, but this is a really late post. I think I will place blame solely on the fact that I received an Xbox 360 for Christmas and bought NHL 08 and Call of Duty 4. I don’t fancy myself a video game junkie and definitely wouldn’t waste time sitting in front of the TV – but I can’t seem to stop playing either of those awesome games!

What did I like about the game against NJ? A lot honestly. We scored in the first period – shorthanded. My boy Campoli fired a laser from the point, after a nifty stall by Park at the blueline. Park made such a great move that he had the entire Jersey defense transitioning into the neutral zone which made Campoli wide open for the pass.

Three separate defensemen scored, which made me wonder if the Islanders scouting told them to fire pucks from above (we shall call it “Hell from above”).

Dubie looked sharp all game and the entire defensive core looked solid. Several things that I noticed during the game: Meyer made a nice spin/bank move off the back of the net and burnt the man hanging on him, Bergeron was great all game and stuck to his man and made solid keeps and passes, Witt and Sutton were laying the body and we even saw Sutton’s first goal as an Islander.

In the same breath, I could also say that once or twice Witt and Gervais both left their men open and we saw Parise involved in both Jersey goals.

Comrie looked better, but he still uses that toe drag way too much – it was good to see him get rewarded for one of his better games with the empty netter.

All in all, it was one of the Islanders better showings because they never gave up and kept plugging away until their lead was solidified.

Hopefully they bring all the positives to the next level by taking the last game of 2007 in Carolina tonight. Hopefully it’s a great game – which is already taking place as I type this.

Michael Schuerlein

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