OT Loss to Florida

I know, I know – you are all saying “Mike you have been playing xbox way too much lately – where is your post game analysis on the overtime loss to the Panthers?”

Here it a brief one before we take on a Smyth-less Avalanche.

The Good:

Overall good game, a few defensive breakdowns that lead to Panthers goals, but they did not let a much faster team get the best of them. Whenever the Panthers did score, it was only a short time later that the Islanders would find the equalizer – three times.

The powerplay was on fire again, they notched two goals while a man up – which is a great thing.

Comrie and Guerin are both on multi-game point scoring streaks, so thankfully the scoring is back.

We got a very important point when we reached overtime – teams around us continue to claw their way up in the standings so this was big.

The Bad:

We gave up a goal while down a man, not that we have been doing that a lot – but it would’ve cemented a lead for us had we not and killed off the penalty.

DiPietro’s pad drama caused Ricky to lose a bit of focus, as much as he claims it did not.

(The game has started so I will update this after the game)

Michael Schuerlein

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