Colorado Wins 2-1 in Overtime

First Period

9:10 PM Tim Jackman gets the Islanders on the board first – picked a corner, nice goal!
9:12 PM Good pressure makes Colorado take a penalty – power play!
9:14 PM Decent pressure, but the power play ended without scoring. 0/1
9:15 PM Witt takes his man down to prevent a goal after a loose puck in front of the Isles goal.
9:20 PM Great kill by the Islanders
9:21 PM DiPietro looking sharp tonight, keeping the Isles 1 goal lead good enough through some late period Avalanche pressure.

9:26 PM Sutton gets the gate for Cross Checking. This team is too dangerous to give a bunch of power play chances to, they need to stay out of the box.

9:34 PM DiPietro just made a monster save, kicked his leg out lightning fast to rob the Avalanche. Play now under review – no goal.

9:37 PM Guerin called for Guerin called for holding – again preventing a goal. I still think they are taking too many penalties.

Well, the period was split between good and bad. The first 10 minutes brought an excellent effort and had it lasted 20 minutes, would have been a great road period. They were passing great, taking the body and beating the Avs to the puck. They even got the early lead on a goal by the unsung hero – Tim Jackman, a man known more for his toughness than his finesse.

The bad half of the period, the Islanders took way too many penalties – and forced DiPietro to play at his best in order to preserve the lead. The Islanders need to play their game in order to be successful. The Avs are way too fast and talented to give too many opportunities to on the power play. We shall see what the boys can do when they finish killing this penalty, the third consecutive called on the Isles.

Second Period

9:57 PM Islanders get a shot on net shorthanded, and then Comrie also gets a shot after the penalty expires……they are out shot by a wide margin here.

10:08 PM Avs own the lead in shots 21-8
10:17 PM DP putting on a goaltending clinic here – another huge left pad save on Svatos
10:19 PM Campoli gets a called for hooking – at least they havn’t taken too many THIS period.
10:22 PM Park gets hauled down driving to the net, Islanders get their second power play of the game.

10:24 PM Sillinger got cross checked and was very upset. Bergeron sizzled a shot and Theodore got a glove on it.

10:26 PM Comrie hits the puck out of midair towards an open side and put it wide….what a chance. 0/2 on the power play tonight. Avs move down to the Isles end and crash the net, puck trickles in through DP’s five hole – funky bounce ties the game.

It figures it would take a funny bounce to get the Avs on the board, they were destroying the Isles in shots – so the importance of another goal in the third period is very high. The Islanders need to stay out of the box and really step their game up now that the Avs will enter the third with some momentum and confidence.

I would have preferred that we got to the third with a 1 goal lead – time to put more pressure on.

Third Period

10:46 PM Guerin to Park – Theodore makes the save. Guerin got taken down and literally crashed the net.

10:53 PM Bergenheim absolutely gets robbed by Theodore on several occasions on the same play.

10:58 PM Isles three on one, elevated pass misses everyone….figures.
11:00 PM Theodore is now taking part in the goaltending clinic that DP started earlier.
11:12 PM Guerin took too long to shoot and got taken out by a great defensive move.
11:17 PM Blake Comeau caught a high stick, Islanders late period power play. If they don’t score, it will carry over into overtime which is HUGE.

11:19 PM Puck jumped over Sillingers stick! Going to overtime!


11:22 PM Power play is over 0/3
11:23 PM Second game in a row the Islanders lose in overtime – granted we got a point again but we really needed the win.

This is what happens when the team just cannot keep the pressure on a faster team, which is something we have seen all season so far. I suppose it could’ve been worse had we lost all together, but considering we were leading this game 1-0 and Colorado came back to tie it is disappointing. The Isles were out shot, out worked, out hustled, out chanced and unfortunately – got less lucky bounces.

Would have been happier with a win to start the road trip, but I will take the point.

Michael Schuerlein

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