Oilers Lead Islanders 4-0 in Second

First Period

9:09 PM 8 seconds in and the Isles are on the PP – tripping off the faceoff
9:10 PM Boo Birds evident for both Comrie and Bergeron
9:12 PM Penalty over 0/1 tonight
9:14 PM Off topic complaint: I hate when teams don’t broadcast in HD….yet the game is carried on the HD Channel!

9:16 PM Islanders look good down low, although they can’t really generate anything on net just yet.

9:16 PM Bergenheim just got flattened by a great check!
9:24 PM Islanders keeping it deep here, cycling well. Garon is coming up big for Edmonton.
9:25 PM A bad Comrie pass leads to an odd-man rush for the Oilers – use your head Mike!
9:37 PM Campoli gets the gate for tripping
9:38 PM Great shift on the kill by Park and Hilbert, Park broke back into the Isles defensive zone after a great play down low by Hilbert.

9:42 PM Final Minute

Second Period

10:03 PM Hemsky scores five-hole through a partial screen? Soft goal
10:06 PM DiPietro just poked away a puck from a tired, yet streaking Oiler
10:12 PM Hemsky to Horcoff – 2-0 Oilers
10:15 PM Park drops to Comrie who then shoots – big rebound kicked out yet Park blew right past the net. They have nobody establishing pressure in front of the Oilers net.

10:21 PM Reasoner makes it 3-0 Oilers – What a horrible road game guys, where is the intensity? Chalk this one up as a loss….done, toast. Cannot get anything going tonight.

10:23 PM Jackman and the Oilers Captain Morrow briefly come to blows after Jackman finishes his check. At least SOMEONE is trying to get the team fired up – they look like….well, CRAP!

List of things we cannot do tonight:

  • Shoot
  • Pass
  • Receive a pass
  • Play Hockey
  • Defend
  • Crash the net
  • Backcheck
  • Generate…..anything

10:28 PM Garon quickly becoming a story here for Edmonton tonight, he just made a good save after a nice move by Comrie and then stoned some rebounds at the doorstep. The Isles sure do pick odd times to show effort.

10:32 PM FSN just put up a graphic about an Islanders double take broadcast for tomorrow at noon. Yea, like anyone would want to watch this “effort” again…..or even after they’ve read about it online or in the paper.

So, thank god it’s only 3-0! Not much else I could add after that glorious period.

Third Period

10:56 PM Bergenheim off for high sticking
10:58 PM Hunter off for goaltender interference
10:58 PM All penalties over, Witt took a blast from Souray off the right ankle
11:00 PM Jackman and Stortini wrestle more than fight…..
11:07 PM Pitkanin called for holding – Islanders power play
11:09 PM 0/2
11:10 PM A rare Satan sighting tonight……
11:11 PM STOP WITH THE DROP PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:16 PM Guerin takes a penalty out of sheer frustration.
11:20 PM Stoll makes it 4-0 on the PP – DP was completely screened by Meyer.
11:21 PM Ok, so how can I sit here as an unprofessional blogger/hockey player notice that there were 4 Edmonton players boxing out the Islanders and forcing everything to the outside. Every single one of the Islanders shots has been from the outside. If you do that, you don’t score – it’s simply hockey so why doesn’t this coaching staff or team make the adjustments?

11:24 PM Comeau gets my award for going to the net tonight, he is the only consistent player.
11:25 PM Meaningless power play for the Islanders here……
11:27 PM Comrie off for tripping.

Good night Islanders – what an effort!

It seems whenever there is something to play for, something to get the Islanders fired up and play their best they fail miserably. Emotions do not make the Islanders any more powerful than a non-emotional game……which is scary. What will get them motivated? Anything? What is it going to take, aside from losing 10-15 games in a row and not making the playoffs?

I don’t think I can say anything else without sounding like I am jumping ship or that the sky is falling on this team. It’s not yet, but unless they begin to play inspired hockey again, they will find themselves looking up at teams 6-10 points ahead of them the rest of the season.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Thanks for the laugh Mike! And the biggest thing I won’t be able to do tonight. SLEEP! Fiddle Faddle!!!

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