Islander-ize Your XBOX 360!

A little over a week ago, I told you guys that I found an Islanders face plate for XBOX 360 on eBay so I snagged it. Little did I know it would take forever to get here and that it would include graphics for ALL 30 NHL TEAMS!

In true automotive editorial style (my “unofficial” yet official background in blogging), here is a how-to on the installation of a Madcatz NHL Interchangeable Faceplate Kit for the XBOX 360 console.

What’s inside the package?


When you tear into the well packaged Madcatz interchangeable faceplate kit, you will find a pre-assembled replacement XBOX 360 faceplate with a generic NHL symbol background installed and a bundle of all 30 NHL teams logo backgrounds. Pictured below you will find the disassembled replacement faceplate and of course, the Islanders logo.

What you need to do first is remove the clear front half from the stock-esque looking rear portion. This is accomplished by prying six hold tabs from around the corners of the faceplate. Take your team’s colors and place it on the clear half of the face plate. Align all the openings with the cutouts in it and slip the edges under the six hold tabs.

Next, you need to reinstall the clear half onto the stock looking white half – which is accomplished by catching all the tabs.

Below you will see both halves pieced together (rear).

And the front.

Installation on your XBOX 360 console

You begin installation on your console by prying three tabs at the top and bottom of your stock faceplate. The tabs are located at the left, middle and right on the top and bottom.

Once you get the top free, the bottom comes right off.

To install the new faceplate, reverse the process. Hook all 3 bottom tabs and then snap the top three into place.

Once you are satisfied, it’s time to sit back and fire up NHL 08 in dynasty mode – only this time you are really in dynasty mode because you are representing your team in a way unlike many others!

I have been asked how much the face plates run, I got mine for $24.99 on eBay from this seller.

Need higher resolution pictures? Check out this page!

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  1. What’s up buddy. I am a gamer and really enjoyed this piece. I can’t beleive how involved the process was though. Very enjoyable. By the way, about how much do these run?

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